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Vignettes for Your Patio – Watch Yourself

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You might be wondering what exactly a vignette is, and it’s not a novel. No, it’s a tight shot – a gorgeous mug shot of your furniture you can post on snap chat to show all the peeps who you be. You better work it, girl! So, it’s completely normal for me to have a thing to say about vignettes for your patio.

I mean, you should definitely get some vignettes for your patio because you want your patio to be in that magazine. People are going to be amazed. You want to finally promote yourself from the neighborhood newspaper and on to that front page like a model. Patio vignettes

The Side You Don’t Want to Hide

Get your best side. You are a diva. From whatever angle you think your patio looks best, snap a shot of it that way. You always want to get the best side and no one is going to punish you for getting the side that your patio looks its best at. So just work it.

You always want to make sure you also take multiple shots of your patio from different angles. One angle might look better on camera than it does in person. It’s all about how you capture the photograph and how you display it all. Just make sure it’s gorgeous.

Fighting Over Lighting

If you’re going to bicker about something, might as well make it over lighting. Tell him to stop stealing your light. Get out of the way and stop standing there. You’re stealing my light. Lighting makes just about everything look better, but sometimes things are better dim.

The brightness of the light you choose is all about the image and mood you want to display. What do you want your (looker?) to see? Maybe, it’s better to call that important person your viewer. What do you wan your viewer to feel? It’s all about what you want to portray.

Arranged, Not Deranged

Don’t go bananas. Just arrange your furniture the way you want to capture it. You can always put it back afterwards. Arrange your furniture in a way that looks its absolute best and arrange it in front of the camera so all of its best aspects are captured.

What features do you want your people to see? You want your room looking top-notch and all of your most prized furniture displayed together in front. Give them the spotlight. Put them on the center stage. That’s what your fans want to see. Vignette

Together No Matter the Weather

Put everything in one place. Don’t have your furniture pieces spaced out all over the room. If you are trying to capture the beauty and wonder of your gorgeous room, you want to keep all of your beautiful deigns in one place so everyone can see it.

Don’t be a stranger to backgrounds either if you are displaying yourself to a different market such as the adventurer – someone who lives on the edge and travels or hikes the mountains and plays in the rain. Let your background show that because they are going to need a cool place to stay while they’re on vacation.

On the Front Cover

Covergirl! I see you working it and strutting your stuff all over the place like there’s no tomorrow. You got what it takes to be on the front cover. Now I guess this is where we flex (takes a moment to flex). Now that we got that all out of the way (I am going to be that embarrassing grandma) we can chill.

I believe in you. I have faith in you that no matter what you will reach your goals. Whether you’re a photographer or an interior designer, I hope you found something helpful and I hope you know that you are going to be number one and on that front cover. Happy covering! Patio

What is your ideal background for a photo? Comment below.

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