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Unique Patio Decor – Be You

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You are your own you. Nobody is the same. Everyone is completely different. We all have different DNA. It’s what makes us unique. You are not going to have the exact same patio decorations as your neighbor, Ms. Tilda, next door. That’s unless you’re twinning, of course, which is fun too. You are unique and so is your patio. So get some unique patio decor.

Everyone wants to just be themselves. I know I wouldn’t want to be like anyone else but myself. If I weren’t myself, I probably wouldn’t have this awesome patio. If we were all the same, I’m sure you wouldn’t be on the internet looking up unique patio decor. 

Exotic Party

It’s time to get eccentric. What’s wrong with a little fun? So what you’re different? Everyone is! You’re never going to be someone else. You are never going to be able to fully change. No one is going to ask you to transform into someone else. It just can’t happen. So, embrace your exotic side and get some stuff going!

I love filling my patio space with things that show who I really am. It shows my personality. I like to tell people who I am without actually opening my mouth. It’s pretty cool. I love decorating, as you can see. I am sure you love decorating too, don’t you?

Incense and Fragrance

Nothing says unique better than incense. There are some really cool scents out there if you just look for them. When I go in a store, I love going to the fragrance section. I’m like, “Move out the way, ya’ll! Mama’s trying to get her sniff on!” It’s embarrassing really – all up in the store. I’ve got my nose in every candle, incense, and everything. They just don’t know what to do with me. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get kicked out of the store one day, but they love me… I think.

Your guests are not only visual. Even though it may seem like it, they are not just one gigantic eye. That would be creepy. A bunch of little eyes running around all over your beautiful patio space? Way to be unique! So, brighten up your patio with some delightful aromas. 

A Quote With Hope

Nothing says who you are better than a little quote. People love to read the quotes you have up on your walls. It tells them who you are as a person. A quote is very important. It represents you. You certainly don’t want to hang up a quote that you don’t believe in or a quote that you sure don’t want representing you or your home.

A quote is something that people can perceive you by. Not only can you get an already made quote at the store to hang up, but you can also get one custom-made. Pick the colors that you want. You can pick the font. Even the entire design, layout, and quote is up to you. There really are no limits when it comes to decorating your house.

Not Wack to Mix and Match

You can venture off into a whole color spree. Spice up your patio space. It’s yours. It’s all yours! Sure, I always say match your colors and make sure that they compliment each other. But, this is your chance to be unique. There are no patio rules handbook that you need to follow. Of course, you probably have rules for your kids to follow while out on the patio, but you don’t have to follow any rules while decorating.

It’s your home. You can do what you want with it. Just because it looks balanced when you match everything with each other, doesn’t mean you have to follow this. It’s your own unique design. I certainly don’t want to block your creativity. Matching everything is just a standard, not one that you have to follow. You are just that type of person who loves rainbows! Go for it!

Unique and Neat

You are definitely unique. You don’t even have to tell me that. I already know. You are not the same as the person sitting next to you. Not everyone is even going to like the decorations you put up. The important thing is that you like what you do with your own patio space. It’s not up to anyone else but you!

Be creative. Do whatever theme you want. Pick your own color, your own fragrances, your own designs. It’s all yours, and I am so excited to hear about all the ideas you have and what kind of creations you’ve come up with! What a wonderful brain you have there!

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  • Arta

    Thank you for the inspirational article! I love patios (I have a big one) and I like that it is filled with plants, flowers, and trees. That makes the patio so alive and makes me feel like in my little paradise. But I really like your idea about quotes – this is something I hadn’t thought about before but it does make sense and would complement my patio design a lot. Thanks a lot for this good advice!

    • Angelina Talley

      Hi Arta! I’m glad you enjoyed reading. I always love to bring plants into my home because they are living things that truly do make your patio alive. It also gives you a bunch of fresh air. Yes, quotes will definitely bring a nice feel to your patio. You should definitely experiment with that.

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