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Southwest Patio Decor – Get Creative

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Ever look at your patio and wonder just exactly what you can do with it? You are so fed up with the same old basic designs. You want to appeal to people’s creative and fun side. You wish to get eccentric. Break out of your comfort zone, and do something different! Try accessorizing your home with southwest patio decor. This is sure to do the trick!

Break Free With Your Creativity

When dabbling with southwest patio decor, you are going to want to get very creative. These designs may be different from anything you have ever tried before. When considering this type of decor you must take certain things into consideration:

  1. Display
  2. Color
  3. Sticking With the Theme

Play a Little With Your Display

When choosing to do a southwest patio decor layout, your display is the main thing that counts. Many people choose to do this type of decor in the warm weather. The warm weather goes perfectly with a desert design. You may want to add a few cacti and Mayan statues. These will be sure to set a lovely southwestern display.

Once you get the hang of it, you will want to add a few pieces that make your display look like you are in the middle of a cozy desert. Add as many rocks as you can, You can never really go wrong with rocks. If you’re an artist, paint some rocks yourself, and add a few designs. People will think they are gorgeous. I can promise you that!

No Other Than Color

In everything you do, color is always very important! When doing a southwestern design, you must stick with the earthiest colors you can find. Some people do like to add a few extra bright colors to the mix, but it does sometimes take away from the display that you are trying to create. So, if you want to be strictly southwestern, stick with the earthiest colors. However, do feel free to add a few colors of your liking.

In a desert, you will probably not find a much diverse array of color. You will mainly see just one color: tan. “But tan is boring!” That’s what they all say, and they’re all right! Tan is definitely not the best color to just fill a room with and leave it there alone with no other colors. So, we are going to be using a lot of tan, but the good thing about this is that it allows for us to use so many pops of different colors! Be like an artist in a paint shop. Let’s have fun!

I Dream of A Good Theme

I don’t know what to do! I have never been in a desert before! If you have never even been near a desert before, and you live just off of the coast of Alaska, I am here to help. You do not have to be an expert. Decorating is all about what you want, right? Of course, you may not be acquainted with the whole southwestern charm, but you sure can get an image of what you are looking for.

When going southwestern, you want to look at a rustic or Spanish theme. Use asymmetrically shaped wall hangers, and get pillows and blankets with beautiful silhouettes on them that display the beauty and mystery of the human form. Add a lot of cacti with decorative pots around. Even add a fire pit. People love to sit outside and chat around the fire with their families. Go shopping, and don’t let anyone put out your fire.

Don’t Turn Your Southwest into a Mess

I know decorating can be quite hard sometimes, but chill back and take a breath. Everything is going to turn out just fine. Your patio is your own little space that no one else can tamper with, unless of course your family has just got to get a say. Be sure to make it as cozy as possible. The southwestern theme is supposed to be as cozy as possible.

Love your patio space. Take good care of it. Enjoy decorating your space, and keep up the good work. Adding a southwest theme your patio is a great idea! Just have fun with it.

Thanks for reading, If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!





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