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Solar Color Changing Lights – Glass Globe Review

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Do you love hanging around outside on the patio looking up at the majestic stars in the sky? I know I do. It’s wonderful watching the stars in procession. What a marvelous thing. Those nights when I just can’t get enough stars, I get out my glass globe. It’s one of those beautiful solar color changing lights.

These accessories seen to be moving up to the list of high demand. Solar color changing lights are just one of those things that bring something different to your patio.

Price: $19.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

Rating: 8 out of 10

Guarantee: I recommend Solar Color Changing Lights


A Star From Mars

This piece of decor is truly something different. There are a lot of multi colored solar lights, but this one has most of them beat. The design alone is to say that this thing is special. There’s nothing like having a beautiful ball of light on your patio table.

This globe comes with a bunch of starry colors dancing around on the inside. It looks so beautiful under the night sky especially when the stars in the sky reflect on these gorgeous lights. Everyone is sure to enjoy looking at your beautiful and glowing globe sitting out on your patio.

A Dim Gem

The changing colors are just marvelous. It never stops glowing. This piece of decor sure doesn’t fall short of making itself known. The lights are somewhat dim, but there are so many lights that it makes up for it greatly. Because of the changing colors, you wouldn’t want it to be too bright. Aunt Bessie already got bifocals last week. Don’t make her go completely blind with products that shine too bright.

This sure does care about your eyes. The changing colors can be too much for some people. It sure would be a little extreme with extra bright lights that nobody really needs. It’s safe to think it would be just a little unnecessary and just too darn much.

Easy but not Cheesy

The globe is actually very easy to put together. There actually is no process. You don’t really need to assemble anything. Everything is very easy and straightforward. It’s as easy as plugging in a lamp because that’s just exactly what it is. Just plug it in.

Also, it is very easy to take care of. If it’s outside a lot, it’s bound to get some dirt on it. Just take a wash cloth and wipe it off. It’ll take a lot to ruin your glass. Just don’t drop it. Then you’ll have to pick up all the pieces for all of that. Just terrible! I can’t say it hasn’t almost happened to me multiple times. What a shame!

Dance with Radiance

Such a radiant piece of decor to have in your home, really. You are just going to adore this little thing probably just as much as I do. It sure does look great in my patio, and my guests absolutely love it. We dance around the lights under the stars whenever we can. We have such a blast. Everyone is definitely going to love your patio even more. Your patio is going to be the new nightclub! Although, Grandma might not go for that. Though, she just might throw on a pair of shades and start gettin’ down. I bet you didn’t know Grandma could dance like that!

Let your lights shine. There are so many awesome colors in this globe. You are going to love it. I absolutely love my globe. I can’t wait for it to get dark so I can turn on those lights and start the party. So, now that you know what I’ll be doing tonight, don’t get left out.

Sweet and Neat

Overall, I just love my globe. It is truly beautiful. My patio shines brighter than it ever has before. I just love it. I know that if you decide to bring this gorgeous accessory into your home, you won’t be disappointed at all. Just have a lot of fun with it!

Your light won’t let you down. There are so many benefits involved with this beautiful light, and I know you’re going to enjoy it. Show your guests how fun you are. Throw a party, and let your sparks fly with this magical glass ball that will tell you your future of outdoor happiness!

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