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Small Indoor Patio Ideas – Unlimited Mind

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A lot of people are completely scared of small spaces. Decorating in small spaces? Oh, it’s a nightmare! It’s only a nightmare if we let fear guide us, but if we let our instinct and creativity guide us, it is a masterpiece. So let’s talk small indoor patio ideas.

You don’t need a ton of space in order to decorate. You have a small patio, but think big! Most of the time we overcompensate. Sometimes, it’s better to live the minimalist lifestyle and don’t get more space than we need. With these small indoor patio ideas, you are sure to be highly encouraged. Small patio

A Space to Embrace

Yes, embrace your patio space! It is absolutely gorgeous. I can tell you keep you patio looking nice because you have such a keen sense of design. You just have to love the space that you have. Never let you space go to waste. That is a big patio no no.

Before you even start decorating, you have to get you mindset in order. That is a very important thing when it comes to decorating you patio. If you mind is in the wrong place you won’t succeed, and I know you definitely want to succeed. Your patio wants you to succeed.

A Rush of Plush

Small patio spaces are meant to be extra cozy. People love to come in there and cuddle up on you sofa and fall asleep. Why not take a nap? It just looks so comfortable. I see a cozy couch and I can’t wait to lay down and fall asleep. I could sleep for days on that thing.

The plush just adds to the cozy feel of a small patio. You should get plush rugs, plush blankets, plush carpets, anything that has plush. It gives off that beloved “take a nap” feel. That’s what you guests expect in a small patio and that is what you need to give them.

Cozy Mozy

Of course, you want you patio to be super cozy. You want you guests to come in and stay for a while. I don’t know about you, but I do not stay where I am not cozy. If I am getting that not cozy vibe, I am ready to go as soon as I walk into the dreadful room.

Your patio is not a lost cause if it isn’t cozy because you can fix it. Just add anything soft.Add a soft sofa. Get a few cozy chairs, cozy blankets, cozy rugs, and lovely little curtains. In a small patio, also make sure to go with pastel colors like baby pink, light blue, and white. These are very cozy colors. Cozy

Measure you Treasure

Yes, i really do mean measure you perimeter around the room. Measure the area and you entire space. Make sure to get the right sized furniture, because small patios can sometimes be hard to furnish due to the fact that they are so darn small.

You absolutely do not wnat to rush out and buy something expensive and then get home and realize you can’t get that thing through the door. You would be devastated that you have to bring that piece of furniture you loved so dearly back to the store.

Enjoy you Space

It’s all yours! Your space is you little area to sit back and kick up you feet. Get some hot tea and watch Netflix. Eat chocolate and don’t let anybody you are home or they will want to come over and steal you entire couch from you because it’s so cozy.

Now it’s time for you to properly furnish you old patio space. Get rid of all those over sized pieces and undersized pieces of furniture. You will absolutely be amazed at this little transformation that is about to happen to you patio space. Happy minimizing! Cozy

What is you favorite thing about having a small patio? Comment below.

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