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Shabby Chic Patio Decorating Ideas – Antique it Up

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Most people are so hyped up about the shiny new gadget that’s coming out next week and they just got to have it. I never understood why. Some people call me crazy – that I can understand. But for those of us who have an old soul, let’s talk about shabby chic patio decorating ideas.

I love the old stuff. I love old music, old movies, old people; you get the gist. The older things just give me joy because you know it’s lived through so much and gives someone somewhere so many amazing memories to keep forever. This is why I am giving you some shabby chic patio decorating ideas to keep with you. Shabby Chic

Something Near, Something Dear

When it comes to having a shabby chic patio, you want to always make sure that there is at least one item that is truly antique and means a lot to you. You don’t want everything to be a new item that just looks the part or that you roughed up a little.

When you fill your patio with things that means something to you, it gets personal. You want your patio to be personal, of course. When your guests ask you where that antique came from, you can tell a whole story. Every antique has a story behind it.

Meet the Shop Down the Street

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I am going to stop you from walking down the street to the antique store. Though, you probably shouldn’t walk if you’re going to be getting a bunch of antiques. You sure don’t want to trip. Those things are expensive!

Just go. You never know what you might find. You may think that the antique store really isn’t for you, but I can bet it is. You’ll find something in there that catches your eye. Then, you’ll always want to go back and get some more awesome antique stuff.

Hand-made to Fade

There is, of course, the option for hand-made items. Remember that quilt your great-grandmother made when you were a baby and your family has kept all these years? That is a precious piece of patio enhancing equipment (yeah, I just said that) that you can have to grace your space.

You can even make something by hand yourself. Your patio will be very personal then. It’s always important to give your patio a personal touch. Even though fabrics fade, that is what you want because it looks like it carries so many precious memories that someone keeps to heart. Hand made

Wear and Tear

Have you ever realized that you will hold someone’s most precious memories in your hands and hang them up on your patio walls? That is a very important job and an excellent thing to have. Consider yourself blessed. You get to make even more memories.

Things are going to break. Things are going to fall apart. Things are going to fade. It’s okay, now you have stories to tell. “Remember the time Stacy broke that ornament and glass shattered everywhere? We had to stay up all night just to pick up the pieces, but it brought us together.” Your things will age with the years and the weight of more memories.

Something Borrowed

Having a shabby chic patio is a great idea. I always adore those little spaces that brings out the nostalgia in me. Everyone wants to be reminded of something precious, and they want to see you all mist eyed over something that menas so much to you.

People like emotion. Sometimes we just want to feel something. We are not robots, Captcha! We are human beings. So, let us feel. Let us reminisce. We want to laugh and cry all at the same time. It’s okay to remember something. Happy shabbying! Vintage

What is your most precious memory? Comment below.

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