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RV Patio Mat – On the Move

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I love to travel. Some of us just have that crazy touch of wanderlust. We just want to see things and be involved in the excitement. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug like I have, you probably want to have your own living space on the go. How about getting an RV patio mat?

If you travel a lot, you probably have an RV or are thinking about getting one. Of course, we can’t leave you out of the patio pride just because you aren’t tied down. If you have an RV, you can get equipment to attach a patio to it. Let’s start off by discussing that RV patio mat. Rv

Leisure and Measure

Sometimes it’s better to just do things slowly. Take your time and just move at your own pace. You say time is running but you are not. That’s perfectly fine. You can’t rush when it comes to decorating. Decorating takes time. We like for things to be as close to perfect as they can be.

Make sure to always measure your patio space. Especially in an RV, you may not have a lot of room. Your mat isn’t supposed to take over your entire patio. It’s only supposed to cover a small portion of it. You don’t want to make the mistake of an over sized or even undersized mat. It just ain’t cute, girl.

Moss and Loss

I’ve seen gorgeous RVs. I’ve seen a beautiful RV with a patio stuck to its side like a barnacle on a boat. I mean that thing was just not budging. It looked so cool though. You would’ve loved it. I truly admired it. The guy was just driving around with it on there. I said, “Go on with your bad self.” What a hot riding patio.

Sometimes it’s best to take our “fly away” things inside when there’s a lot of wind. We don’t want that wind blowing off that mat of yours. It’s also true that we don’t want all of that crazy green stuff and dirty dirt getting all over our mats. That will ruin them and you’ll have to replace them as soon as you buy it. That’s not what we want.

Travel to Saddle

When you’re traveling, you get seen by a lot of people. You get seen by people from all over the nation or even all over the world. They’re traveling right with you. You’re getting seen so you’ve got to have something to show forth. Be proud and be excited. Show others what you’re made of.

Saddle up that patio with a fresh new mat. Stop on the corner of every state you visit and get yourself a brand new mat that shows y’all just how to live. We’re about to turn up with these mats. More mats means more stats. You want to break the mat having record for an RV. Travel

Pride to Outside

Show your pride. Don’t be ashamed. I can already tell you don’t live by the status quo because you’re not afraid to break free and see things you’ve never seen before. You already don’t limit yourself so why start now? You’ve got to get on out there and show your pride.

Since you’re outside getting seen by thousands, why not show your pride in some way? What do you want people to know about you? What do you want people to see? What do you want to show people that says you’re not afraid? Whatever that may be, say it with a flag, a sign, large stickers, or something. Do you.

Make a Move

Now it’s time to get moving. You’ve got your patio all set up for your RV, and you’re ready tohit the road, Jack, and keep it coming on back. Traveling is a wonder. It’s exciting. You get to move and be free. No one’s got a hold on you. You’re where you want to be, and that’s all that matters.

So get moving and get grooving. Get your best travel suit on and make it count. Let your journey last. Savor each moment of your time wherever you go. That’s what we want to make happen here. Always be sure to enjoy life and ride it to the end. You’ll learn some things. Happy traveling! Travel

Where have you been in this world? Comment below.






  • Chris

    I was just thinking when I was reading this article – I haven’t really travelled outside the UK since my first honeymoon (Maldives), and that relationship was over 12 years ago! 

    I live in Wales, which is a wonderful area of Britain for scenery and for travelling, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to find the time to do so. 

    The ironic thing is – I pass hundreds of RV’s coming from England down my way on the motorway every weekend…I have to figure out a way to find time for this sort of exploration…because it’s all on my doorstep! 

    Wonderful article – wonderful read! 

    • Angelina Talley

      Thank you for reading, Chris. I have never been to Britain, but I’ve always wanted to travel there. It seems like a nice place. You will be surprised just how many RVs you see on the road if you look for them.


  • Albert

    What a great concept. When you’re traveling with an RV, it’s common that you see beautiful places on the road with great sights. Having a patio mat, you can settle there easily and enjoy the amazing scenery.

    I think it shouldn’t be very expensive. Do you know how much does it cost on average? For example a patio mat for a family of 5 people. Thanks for sharing.

    • Angelina Talley

      Thanks for reading, Albert. An RV is a fun thing to travel in. You’ll pass some amazing scenery. So, you want to be able to sit comfortably out there and see everything. Mats can be expensive, but I have managed to find some that are a little cheaper. You can access my findings with this link.


  • Jordan

    Cool stuff! Thanks for the recommendation!

    I also have a travelbug, I’m really excited to see more of the world! Most of my recent traveling has been overseas, and not so ideal for an RV, I’m actually on a 10 day wander through the north-eastern U.K. right now – Edinburgh, Newcastle, etc. 

    But when I’m back in the states, I’ll need to look more into RV’s. I have a few friends that are getting into it, and have also met some people that are converting old mini buses into RV’s, so I’ve started to get the itch for it. Especially because I want to head west to Yellowstone so badly.

    What is the average cost for a patio like this? And what are some affordable RV options? Would you recommend converting a different vehicle to save on cost? 

    • Angelina Talley

      Thank you for reading, Jordan. I’ve found that the average cost for an RV patio is ranged from about $200 to $500. I’ve also seen that the 2019 Wildwood X-Lite 201BHXL is very affordable at the price of $14,000. I found a Shasta brand RV for a few thousand dollars more. Converting a different vehicle does sometimes save the cost, but it’s all up to you and what you think will provide the best experience. Best of luck!

      Angelina 🙂

  • Babsie Wagner

    When my parents travelled across the country a few years back, they took several months and did their “bucket list” destinations.  They picked up little souveniers along the way, and they did actually pick up a couple of mats in their travels.   Your patio is your yard, your outdoor space, and decorating it can make you feel at home wherever you land.  Great article.  Thanks.   – Babsie

  • Lev

    I enjoyed your write-up and suggestions. You have a great writing style. You go girl. I hope one day I can travel across the US in my very own RV. I’m still in the planning stage. I never really had thought about the patio decor but you’re right this is probably where most of the time is spent when lounging around. So thanks for giving great ideas.

  • Renton

    I don’t really know that much about RV;s so this was really interesting. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as an RV mat, but I guess you learn something new everyday. I think being able to take a break from your regularly scheduled entertainment (Life) is not only nice but I think its a necessity.

    It is good to travel and gain some perspective which can really help you appreciate your life.

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