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Rocky Mountain Ski Patio – A Load of Fun

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They call me weird sometimes, but I have always wanted to just ditch the beach life of mine and just head on up to the mountains and hide in my rocky cave. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Rocky Mountain ski patio? I sure would love to have one.

Even if you don’t live in the Rockies, I think you would definitely enjoy transforming your patio into a Rocky Mountain ski patio. It would be exceptionally fun to pretend your patio is a ski lodge and you get to look out at those gorgeous views sitting right in front of your face. Rockies

Ski With Me

I have a confession. I have never learned how to ski. Never in my life have I ever even put on skis. If I were to go up on a mountain and try my very best to ski, let’s just say you won’t be hearing about patios in a while. What a heartbreaking confession.

Anyways, you should definitely decorate your patio with a whole attire like the clothes someone who came here to ski would wear. Add some snowy material to your patio as well. It really adds to the effect that you are trying to have on your guests.

All the Heavenly Scenery

You definitely want scenery. That’s a must have. No one wants to go to the Rockies and not see anything. Your guests need something gorgeous to indulge their eyes in. I know you’re used to them cooing over you, but today you’ve got to let the Rockies take this one.

Your patio should be covered in scenery, but not too much. Hang up some actual photographs of the mountains, and if you’re not too enthused with your backyard, you should definitely take the scenery up a notch. There are some beautiful works of mountains that you can choose from.

Trees of Willow and Bay Windows

Sure, you don’t actually need to get willow trees or even willow tree photographs. I am talking about what the willow tree represents. Among other wonderful things like strength and fertility, the willow tree represents harmony. Harmony is what you want to have in the mountains. You want to be at peace and feel relaxed.

Also, getting bay windows is a very important thing to have. You sure don’t need to have them, but they make your patio feel more like a ski lodge. When you have bay windows, you can see everything. So make sure your backyard is look stellar. Ski Lodge

A Pitch to be Rich

Be rich in love and harmony and peace. People want to be peaceful. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It has shown in a few studies that people who like going to the mountains are a lot more reserved and at peace than those who maybe like going to the beach or some places like that.

I think as humans, we all want to be at peace. I mean, why wouldn’t we want to be at peace? Being at peace with ourselves and other, and being at peace in our bodies and minds is very freaking important, and I want to send you off in peace.

Slide on Down

What are you waiting for? Get your ski materials and get on up! It’s time to take your stuff and go wild at your ski patio inspired by the Rocky mountains. I absolutely love the coziness of the mountains. I get to snuggle up by the fireplace in a pair of cozy socks and a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

Why not set your mind at ease and get away to your own patio? The Rockies makes me feel like it’s Christmas the entire time that I am there and I just can’t help but love it. You would surely enjoy your Rocky Mountain ski patio. Enjoy yourself. Happy skiing! Skier

Would you rather live on the mountains or the beach? Comment below.

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