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Restaurants Patio Dining – The Best Places to Feel at Home

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I don’t know about you, but I love to eat. Not only that, but I love going out to eat. There are wonderful restaurants that you may not have even heard about that have beautiful scenery. Restaurants patio dining is something that heightens your experience.

Restaurants patio diningis something you should consider when dining at a restaurant. Some restaurants have entertainment, nice food, or a glow from the moon, but some restaurants just have a wonderful view that you are sure to never forget. Dining

360 Steakhouse – Harrah’s Council Bluffs

If you like to eat by a dock under the glowing moon, then you should eat at 360 Steakhouse – Harrah’s Council Bluffs. This restaurant is located in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They serve American food. If you ever eat here, you should definitely have dinner out on the patio.

This restaurant’s beautiful patio features a few little tables in front of the city. You will feel like you are on water or in a cruise ship enjoying your meal. I feel that the evening will be the best time to visit this gorgeous place because the vision of the moon on the water is priceless.

Bertrand At Mister A’s

Oh, I just love this one. Bertrand At Mister A’s is a lovely little French Restaurant located in San Diego, California. This restaurant has an indoor patio. The windows are big, and you will eat with a gorgeous view of the city all around you. It is truly magnificent.

The restaurant itself is so elegant. The tables are positioned perfectly under low light with candles on every table. You will feel like theking or queen of England in this beautiful atmosphere.You sit right in front of the lake and have a peaceful evening with the city – oh and whoever you came with. Come on, there are more important things than the view.

Beachcomber Cafe – Crystal Cove

You are absolutely going to jump up and make a reservation for this one wherever you are in the world if you can’t get enough of the beach. I mean who doesn’t want to share their food with the fish and the fresh ocean air? Eat at Beachcomber Cafe – Crystal Cove. This restaurant serves Californian food and is located in Newport Coast, California.

At Beachcomber Cafe – Crustal Cove, you will have lunch on the beach, yes literally. The patio features a long dining space with comfy tables and chairs on the beach. You will have lunch outside by the sea. Yes, let the sun beam down on you because you are gone with the wind fabulous right now! Beach

Alpenglow Stube

In Keystone, Colorado, sits a gorgeous rustic restaurant. If you’re like me and you love to feel like you’re in a cozy log cabin in the middle of winter, come to Alpenglow Stube. They serve contemporary European food by the warm light of the roaring fireplace.

This is an excellent dining place for your meal. This restaurant has an indoor patio that is just so cozy. Who doesn’t like a nice quiet evening sipping red wine by the fireplace as you get served your food? The fireplace is gorgeous with its rocky ensemble. I’d dine here any day.

Travel the World

You see, your patio experience doesn’t just have to be in your home, you can travel the world and experience patios you have never even heard about. You are going to love these fine dining spaces you come across. These restaurants are gorgeous with a glamorous view. You are going to wish you could bring it into your home.

Why not experience new things and make a scrapbook of the places you’ve seen. These places are absolutely stunning and I just can not get enough of these scenic views. I know I would just love to have a meal out on the ocean or in front of a city with sparkling lights. Happy traveling! Travel

What places have you traveled to? Comment below.





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