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Patio Umbrella Decorations – Make It Rain Fabulous

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I love the rain! Not everybody loves the rain, of course. I’m just one of those strange people who just loves to get her hair wet once in a while. I know I’m crazy. Yes, ma’am! Is it so crazy to like taking strolls with my favorite guy on a rainy day in my cute rain boots, little pink raincoat, and of course that umbrella! Let your patio do the same with patio umbrella decorations.

There is a wide variety of patio umbrella decorations that you can get for your home. Take your chances. Travel through the rain forest and find that magical umbrella. That one umbrella that is just calling your name is waiting to make your home a little piece of heaven. Will you take it? Patio Umbrella Decorations

Big Old Heavy Load

You’ve just got to love those big beach umbrellas! Sit under the sun and have some fun. Your patio will look so moxie with a huge umbrella covering it. Get a table that has holes in it for your umbrella. These tables are custom-made for umbrellas to chill on your patio, adding some style to the scene.

Umbrellas such as these are very fashionable. If you want that beach theme, go for it! Not only does is add some style, it also keeps the sun out of your eyes. It will also keep your patio cooler on a hot summer day. I always dread going outside when it’s super hot, so when there’s a gigantic umbrella in the way of the sun, I’m always quite thrilled.

Rain or Shine, It Looks Fine

So, we associate umbrellas with rain. We should, but that’s not the only reason an umbrella exists. Umbrellas can be used for multiple things like singing and dancing, accessory, or to block the sun or rain. Umbrellas do have multiple purposes. Whether it’s raining or not, your umbrella is sure to appeal to your guests.

Make your patio look chic. Break the rules. Set the standards. Who said it has to be raining in order for me to rock an umbrella? You don’t even have to be a vampire in order to block the sun from your eyes. I’m sure no one is going to walk pass your house and say to themselves, “They have an umbrella up. Are they vampires?” If you sense someone in your neighborhood, you be their friend immediately. They’re talking to themselves. How sad, but at least your umbrella is still on fleek. Patio Umbrella Decorations

Done With the Sun

Okay, so you’re a bit of a hermit crab like me. You just want to block the sun! You’re melting! Something’s got to give. You just can’t stand it anymore. Every time you step out onto your patio, you feel like you just wandered off into an oven. The sun is no longer fun like this. You’re going to have to do something to fix it. Hang up a big umbrella over your head!

These types of umbrellas truly are made to block the sun. Talk about singing in the rain, now I’m singing in the sun! I would just be relieved that my patio is no longer a sauna after I put up my gorgeous summer umbrella. It really does bring the temperature down a little. So, throw some shade, and block the sun, please!

A Tiny Little Thing

Don’t you just love those tiny umbrellas that come in your cocktails. That just gave me an idea. You can get little cups and arrange them on your patio tables. Then, you can place these tiny umbrellas in your cups. They will make lovely decorations. They truly are just meant for decoration at this point.

Those little umbrellas really are cute, though. Why not go a little bigger? You can get regular sized umbrellas and just open them for decoration. You could even get an umbrella holder and just put those umbrellas all nicely folded up into your cute little umbrella holder. How cute!

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella, Uh Huh

Open your home to everyone you know. Your patio is meant to make everyone feel like family. You want your guests to feel at home. You most certainly want to feel at home within your own house. It would be a shame if you didn’t. Then, we would have to talk about getting some new homey patio furniture, but that’s a different story.

Invite your guests in. Let them share in this amazing umbrella experiment you’ve got going on. Go ahead and see if your guests like this whole umbrella idea. I’m sure they well. Who doesn’t like a little decoration. You’ll be the new host on the block with all of that creativity, Sister! Patio Umbrella Decorations

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