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Patio Tomatoes Care – Red and Rich

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Tomatoes are lovely fruits. I am a fan of any kind of fruit. Some people love tomatoes by themselves, but I am more of a tomato fan if it is just chopped up in my salad. Either way, it’s great to have in your patio. If you grow them in your patio, you should always give your patio tomatoes care.

Giving your patio tomatoes care is not hard at all. You are going to absolutely love having these little things decorating and nourishing your patio. They also smell amazing and you could strike up a conversation with a tomato lover. Maybe even give some to your guests to take home. Tomatoes

Shower With Water

Plants need water all the time of course. You won’t have any trouble remembering that. You will constantly know that your tomatoes are growing and that they are calling out to you to bring them some good old-fashioned water this fine afternoon.

Water your tomatoes with about two inches of water per week during the growing season. To prevent water from evaporating, place rocks on each side of your tomato plant. In times of heat wave, make sure to water them the most. You don’t want them to dry out.

A Toast to Compost

Nobody wants to hear about fertilizer or compost but we’ve got to talk about it. It’s very important so stop covering your ears (I mean your eyes because you’re reading, not listening…oops). Anyways, it’s important to learn about these two little things.

When tomatoes are about an inch in diameter, you should slide dress them with fertilizer and compost. This helps them to grow and stay big and strong. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Just one sentence of small instruction. It is also very important.

Sunlight is Alright

Of course, your tomatoes need sunlight. It is a plant, a living thing. Yes, tomatoes require a little extra care than a typical plant would, but it’s all worth it when you grab that tasty treat from the stem. Pat yourself on the back once you’ve got some tomatoes to cook. Your neighbors are about to be coming in like, “Mm, girl what you cooking?”

Always keep your tomatoes in sunlight. Some of you may have patio sheds. Don’t keep them under there hidden from the light. Let your tomatoes bathe in the sun and get that ripe red tan (don’t worry, it’s not a sunburn). That’s when it’s most delicious. Sunlight

Give Rest to Pests

Having a disease is not fun. It is not fun for humans or for plants. We have to remember that we are caring for living things. It is very important to know how to care for them and how to treat them if a dreaded illness comes along to harm your entire crop.

One major disease is a fungal infection that strikes anytime in the growth season. The best way to treat this is to destroy your entire crop or it will spread. Another condition is cracking which occurs if the tomato grows too rapidly. Always keep those tomatoes watered.

Dig In

Congratulations on your new tomato garden. It’s always important to care for your living creatures. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to them or sing to them. This actually does help them grow. Like I said, they are living creatures and in order to grow they must be prompted.

Let your tomato plants feel loved. Anything that is alive needs love. You may not feel they are alive because they can’t talk and they have no face, but they are very much alive. It’d be pretty cool if your plant knew a few words to say now and then! Happy tomatoeing! Eat tomatoes

What is your favorite thing about tomatoes? Comment below.

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