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Patio in November – Leaves are ‘a Falling

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You know that you love sitting out on your patio in the cool crisp air. I absolutely love that November air that isn’t going anywhere. You have got to enjoy your patio in November and make it seem a little more “November.” Let those leaves fall down.

Having a patio in November or any month is a wonderful thing and a great accomplishment. You have got to love that gorgeous patio of yours. Your patio is like a little home attached to your home. It’s an amazing thing to have. I love my November patio. November

Basic and Paste it

When it comes to a patio, in general, it’s a good thing to keep in mind that your main color should be basic with complementing colors of your choice all around it. This goes for anything, really. Everything is just more proportionate that way.

November colors are pretty much colors of fall such as: brown, orange, or red. These colors will make your patio look spectacular. What an amazing designer you have come to be. Let your colors fly free and take over your entire patio space this year.

Leaf it to me

Yeah, that is not a typo. You know it is Autumn and Autumn doesn’t stay all year. She’s got things to do, places to go, and people to see. She doesn’t have time to be fooling with you and me. So, let’s make the most of this wonderful company that shows up at our doorstep every year.

Don’t curse the leaves every time they grace your patio with their presence. They are a good thing to have on your patio and they make a wonderful accessory. The kids love jumping in the piles. Why not let them have a little fun? Get some leaf decor and some real leaves. You’ve got a patio.

See, it’s a Turkey

We can’t leave out the turkey. Don’t forget about Thanksgiving. The turkey is something everyone loves come November. We’re all like, “When is Thanksgiving? I can’t wait to eat!” Of course you can’t wait to sit down and eat, you’ve been working on that patio for so long.

You can easily go out to the store and get some turkey decorations and anything pertaining to Thanksgiving. Your guests will be prompted to come back for Thanksgiving. Watch out, they are going to eat all of your food! Maybe even make a turkey pinata like I did one time, and let cards come out that says what you’re thankful for. Turkey

Blanket and Thank it

Now, I know I said this so many times, but it’s Autumn in November. That means it is going to be just a little cold and you and your guests are going to get a bit chilly. So, it’s best to cover up and encourage your guests to do the same exact thing.

When it comes to getting blankets for your patio, it’s best to get a blanket that is very soft and gigantic. This tells your guests that you have a cozy home and that you care enough about them to give everyone a chance to get covered by this thing.

Gather Together

It’s a time for happiness and togetherness. Show your guests what you’re thankful for. It’s the holidays and everyone is full of cheer. They can not wait to come back to your home every time they leave because your patio is so comfortable and inviting.

You and your guests are going to love your November patio. You’ll see. I know my guests never want to leave my patio no matter what time of year it is. They just love to stay around and chat. I absolutely enjoy they’re company. Be thankful. I know I am thankful for all my readers. Happy Novembering! Thanks

What are you thankful for? Comment below.

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