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Patio Dance Space – It’s All About Expression

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A wise soul once said, “Dance is a poem that you can not put into words.” Yes, it is a poem that you see with your eyes instead of hear with your ears. All my life I have been a dancer. It is a way for me to channel my emotional energy into something expressive. Each morning I use my patio to stretch, dance, and just be peaceful before I start my day. So if you feel the same way, make a patio dance space.

Patio Furniture!” target=”_blank”>A patio dance space is a great idea for someone who absolutely loves to dance. Dancing is a way to open up. I like dancing indoors, but I love dancing outdoors all the more because I get the gentle touch of the sun on back. The birds sing and I can dance to the songs of the wind. I can imitate the movements of the trees and the leaves as they go by. My inspiration lies in nature. Dance

The Floor Is Your Canvas Forevermore

A patio is an excellent place to dance for many reasons. Patio Furniture!” target=”_blank”>Dance is an art. Patio decorating is also an art. They are both forms of self-expression. What screams “home” more than self-expression. If you feel you can be free and feel comfortable in your own skin, then you are doing something right.

The floor is your canvas, and your foot is the paintbrush. On your patio, nothing is going to compare to just being free and letting your body conform to the movements of the wind. You will feel so much better than you ever have before. It will be truly freeing.

You Are a Star and the Railing is your Barre

We all see those ballerinas dancing and holding on to that thing that looks like a railing. That thing is called a barre. It’s where you do stretch and strengthening exercises. You may have never thought of your patio as a place that can take you to the barre.

Use your barre or railing as a point of contact. Dancers love to use objects around them as a point of contact – something they can use to incorporate into their dance. An object always adds more of a dramatic sense to the dance. People love to watch it and dancers love to do it.

Run Beneath the Horizon

Nothing is more inspirational than the world around you. Go outside on your patio and look around you. Look at the trees, the wind, and the birds in the air. Imitate the movements of the flowers. Run with the horizon, and let it inspire you. You will not be disappointed.

The horizon makes the earth look like it never ends, and it doesn’t. So, your possibilities are limitless and they will never end. You will dream of dancing around the entire world. You can do anything you set your mind to, and if you remember that you will be set free. Dance

A Patio Space to Decorate

So by now, you may be wondering how to decorate your patio for this. There are so many things you can do with this one. Your windows could even serve as your mirrors. You can hang some beautiful artwork of dancers or dance shoes around your patio.

You will feel immersed in the dancing world. Hang up dance quotes. Buy anything that serves as movement. There could be a picture of a tree that the artist used to convey its movement to the viewer. You can literally buy something like that and it will resemble dance.

Dance Like No One is Watching

Patio Furniture!” target=”_blank”>Now you have a patio as a dance space. Your patio is now your own little personal studio. Let the world see your arts. Maybe the neighbors are watching, but they obviously want to see something interesting if they can’t stop looking at you. Tell them to mind their own business if they don’t like it.

You enjoy dancing. This is your home. Be free in your lovely little home. Nothing should set you back. It’s all about your taste and your ideas. You can decorate with this theme however you want. Be sure to get eccentric and be avant-garde in your artwork. Happy dancing! dance

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