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Patio Crafting – Craft it Up

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Patio crafting is something different…seriously. It takes a different breed to take the time out of his or her busy day and sit down to craft. Crafting is fun but it is also very time-consuming. We can overlook that part because it is all worth it in the end.

If you love spending time with your family, you can make it a whole family activity. Kids love it especially. We are all ready to get down and craft with you. Patio crafting is super fun and easy. It is also very inexpensive because we will be using things you already have. Crafts

Paper is Greater

Paper? Yes, paper! Paper is all you need for a lot of cool things you can make at home by hand in just minutes or hours…maybe longer depending on what you’re making. Paper is something that you can easily grab from anywhere and super fun.

You can use construction paper or even printer paper. It really doesn’t matter because you can make something beautiful out of anything. Take those scissors and make some designs out of it. Cut snowflakes if it’s winter or hearts if it’s Valentine’s Day. Make paper mache.

Scrapbook is the New Look

Have some old photographs or forget-me-nots that you just love? Why not go through your old scrapbooks and put them all in a collage. You can get a board and hang that up with all of your sentimental memories hanging up on it. That’ll be nice.

With this idea, you are showing everyone that you are human and you have feelings. Yes, I know you are probably not a robot, but people want to know that you are a person with many fantastic layers. They want to know that they don’t have a shallow host. You are real and deep.

The Paint Saint

We can’t forget about paint really. Paint is a great thing to have when you are making crafts. You want to add a pop of color and make things look gorgeous. Just pick your colors and get painting. You can finger paint. You can do anything. Whatever you like.

It’s super cute when you get your kids to paint things by hand. It makes your patio look down to earth and a place that is loving and where people can just be themselves. We are humans. We just want to feel something. Your art doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to be real. Craft

Fabric is Fantastic

Do you have some old clothes that is taking up space in your closet and you just have no idea what you are going to do with them? Of course, you can donate them, but if the Goodwill lady knows you by name now, it wouldn’t hurt to make some crafts.

Start by getting a few pieces of clothes that you don’t want anymore. Now, do what you want with them. You can tie dye them. You can paint them. Maybe even cut them and make something cute. I once made an infinity scarf out of a bunch of old shirts.

Craft your Own

Now it’s up to you. What will you make? It’s all yours. Whatever you feel in your heart to make for your patio. You want to fix it up real nice and turn it into patio 2.0. Everyone dreams of having a patio just like yours. Better flaunt it. It’s looking good.

Your patio is all yours so personalize it. Make it yours and be proud of it. No one is going to take over your patio space. No one is going to steal your patio from you. Just embrace your patio and work within your range of art skills, You don’t have to be Picasso. Happy crafting! Crafting

What is one of your favorite artists? Comment below.

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