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Outdoor Patio Rugs – Drape it Up

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Many people don’t think that there is a necessity for outdoor patio rugs. Like we’re outside, what’s the point? Sure it’s going to get dirty. Don’t they all? It’s all about decoration. How can you get something you need but also make it into a beautiful accessory? It’s possible.

Outdoor patio rugs are not just there to look cute. They do pertain to a need. People have to wipe their feet off before they step into your house. You don’t want to be scrubbing mud off of the floor every time someone drags their boots into your wonderfully cleaned home. Outdoors

Ascend to Blend

Rugs are rugs, right? They don’t have to match anything right? People don’t notice them anyway right? Wrong! Rugs are small, yes, but they are a key component to your overall patio design. The eye catches even the tiniest pop of color. It’s important to match even as you would match your outfit every day.

Your overall goal should be to blend your rug with the design of your patio. The colors should resemble what’s around it. You wouldn’t want to have a green patio and a bright purple rug. You also wouldn’t want to have everything match except for your rug. It’s just tacky.

What it Should Do for a Creative You

A rug is not just something to drag your feet on. In the patio world, a patio has many tasks and many benefits. The Patio People of America, (The PPA) yes I made that up but just go with it; we have many uses for the simplest of things. We can use something for just about anything.

A rug should compliment you. It should appeal to your taste and favor everything around it. Your whole patio should be a pattern between colors and different shades of those colors. This way they will all come together in a beautiful cycle. Our eyes are drawn to color.

Not Just the Floor Anymore

Don’t rugs go on the floor? Sure they do, but like I said, we use the simplest things to make something completely new. We like to have fun here. Rugs can be wall decor too! Isn’t that crazy? I know it is but that won’t stop me from talking about it. You’re going to love it.

You can weave your rug in anyway that you please. Let it all come together. You might want to get a small rug and just hang it up in the corner. People may not even notice that it is a rug. It could just be a wall hanger, right? They’ll never know. That’s some sneaky stuff. Rugs

Appeal to the Real

Like I said before, your rug should blend in. It should look real with your design, as in it should blend in so much with the patio that it just looks natural. Everyone wants their patio to look as natural as possible. Make sure everything is completely matching.

We want our eyes to look at something and see nothing out of place. It genuinely bothers us when we see something that just doesn’t belong. That’ll cause some conflict. Make your rug look like it lives outdoors. Well it does. That will appeal to everybody’s eyes.

Walk that Red Carpet

It’s your time to shine. You want to go out there and work it. Your patio is on center stage and the critics are not taking their eyes off of it. You can be what you want to be here in the patio world. Let your creativity shine and let your soul fly free. Strut your stuff.

Your patio is looking great Let the whole neighborhood see that. They’ll never live up to your gorgeous little patio. Everyone is sure to love it. Who can’t love it? You made this patio out of your own creativity and flare. Let it shine. Get your new rugs. Happy rugging! Wall Rugs

What do you think about rugs not used for the floor anymore? Comment below.





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