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Natural Stone Patio Installation – Install Greatness

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We all want to have that attractive and exotic looking patio space. We want the neighbors looking from the outside in. Let’s make them jealous by learning about natural stone patio installation. It’s so simple and easy that you can get your three year old to do it.

Yes, anyone can do this. I have had paid gigs just to do this for people that felt it was too complicated. I explained that it absolutely wasn’t and if I could do it they could do it, but they just couldn’t bring themselves to complete that beautiful natural stone patio installation. Stone

Size the Prize

This is basically the easiest step of them all, but don’t worry, it doesn’t get much harder than this. It is also the most important step out of all of these steps and you must make sure to complete this step as correctly as possible. No pressure!

You want to make sure you know what size you wish to have this stone patio. It isn’t hard because it’s all up to you. Normally people will want a hole about 10 to 12 inches deep in order to fit the proper stone and gravel pieces in there for you.

A Hole in your Home

So once you’ve got the size in order just dig the hole. It doesn’t even have to be too wide. Just measure it out according your wishes and how big you want your gravel to be and also how much space you wish for it to take up in your backyard area.

You are going to be filling this area so make sure you know exactly what you want. Make sure the hole is perfect to your liking, but it does not have to be completely perfect in reality. It’s just hole. Don’t go overboard on the whole “making it look pretty” thing.

Stone the Zone

Now it is that time, sister. Fill that hole with a bunch of stone. You are just going to layer it with the materials that are right before you. You came here prepared to do this job. It’s about time you’ve got yourself doing some construction work and getting those hands dirty.

Once you have your stones in place you are going to want to tamp them down so that they are all even. You always want to make sure that they are in the correct spot and they are place near each other properly. Make sure they are lined up proportionately as well. Stone

Sand in your Hand

Now it’s time for the most exciting part of the project: fill the cracks with sand. Okay, this part isn’t the most exciting, but it’s the part that comes after the sand dries and all that jazz. It gets really exciting, guys. You are going to love what’s in store for you.

It’s time to do what you came here to do: landscape the area. Yes, it’s time for you to decorate your patio. I knew you couldn’t wait to get to this part. You’re always looking at cool new ways to decorate your patio and now I’ve given you some ideas.

Nature is Calling

So now that you have your natural stone patio, it’s important to take care of it with proper upkeep year round. The weather is going to hop on that crazy roller coaster of up and down temperatures and crazy weather which could cause erosion and damage.

It’s important to cover your patio with a tarp or any kind of sheet. Something that keeps your patio safe is what you need. Congratulations on installing your first natural stone patio. You are not going to regret this. You are absolutely going to love it. Happy installing! Stone

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