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Mountain Hearth Patio – Keep Warm

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I don’t know about any of you but I am someone who really loves her mountains. Mountains are great. They look gorgeous every time you see them and could never take a bad picture. Get a mountain hearth patio and set a fire up there.

A hearth is an amazing thing to have in a patio because who doesn’t love sitting next to a fireplace? You are going to love your mountain hearth patio. I know I do. I would never give it up for the entire world and I know you would never do that either. Fire

Fire and Desire

A wonderful thing about having a fireplace is that you get to set a fire without getting arrested. Don’t you love doing that? I sure do. I definitely won’t set my patio on fire because that would be terrible. Just make sure you take the necessary precautions.

You are going to want to make sure you have tons of lumber in your patio to make sure you keep that fire going for you and your guests. Everyone loves a little fire in the fireplace on a cold winter day. We love to gather around the fire and tell stories.

Dim Gem

Keep the room dim. Why have on a bright light when you have an amazing fireplace right there giving you the brightest light in the room? Your guests love a little natural light from the fire. It’s super fun and makes it feel like we are camping out.

Everyone likes a little adventure and twist on the norm so of course they are going to like a little fire for their fireplace as opposed to the lights. It’s so fun and different from what usually happens around here. We want something different so give us just that.

Park the Dark

You want your patio to have dark furniture in the mix to feed off of the mountain and fireplace theme. It is very important to have that because it is a mix of things that all go together with a particular theme. You always want to make sure your color scheme is in line.

Get dark furniture mixed with light colored furniture as well. You shouldn’t just stick with one thing. You should go above and beyond. Go where your heart tells you but always make sure your room is gorgeous with that color scheme and furniture. Mountain

Oh Window

Get a bay window if you are going to be near the mountains. People love those gigantic windows because you can see absolutely everything there is to see. It’s like you are not even in a house to begin with. Don’t be trapped within those four walls.

Love that window with your life. That window is going to show you all the mountains there are out there in the wilderness. You will definitely love having that bay window. Don’t ever give it up. I know you will never regret having one. It’s worth every penny.

Fired Up

Get yourself fired up for this mountain life you are about to receive. Enjoy yourself. This is a perfect way to spend your patio life with yourself and all of your family and friends. You will never go back to the regular patio style after all of this stuff.

Now make sure you are ready for all of that mountain that is about to come into your life. You will definitely never think about any other way now. Be Always grateful for the patio you have now but always strive to make it the best patio of all. Happy hearthing! Mountain

Do you like the mountains or the beach more? Comment below.

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