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Make Time for your Patio – Where Memories Happen

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We all know that patios are not just about picking out furniture with just the perfect design and taking a snapshot of it to put on Instagram. Your patio is so much more than that. Sometimes I think it has a mind of its own. It needs attention, so make time for your patio.

Treat your patio like your baby. If you neglect it, things will not go so well. You need to show love and attention to anything that you take care of. Despite your busy schedule, you should always make time for your patio. It’s calling out just for you. So go. Care

Share and Care

Everybody wants to be a guest to your patio. Not only do they love you, but they love your patio as well. They also want to look in and see how well you keep your patio touched up. If it looks crumby, they will all feel crumby and stop coming over to spread crumbs all over your patio floor.

If you are going to share your patio with your guests, you also need to care for it. Caring for your patio is very important. Nobody wants to sit in a patio where it is noticeably neglected. That won’t be good. I know you don’t want to do that either. Yeah, no one does.

Wear and Tear

Now, a little wear and tear here and there is acceptable. Things fall apart and that’s completely okay. It just means that you have a lot of memories in your furniture and they are trying to get out. People like a good sentimental story now and then. They’re cute.

What’s not good is too much wear and tear to where the entire couch is falling apart and ripped and torn. That ain’t cute, girl. That’s when it’s time to get new furniture. And it’s okay, you’ll make so many more new memories in your new pieces of furniture 🙂

Pairs to Nowhere

Everything comes in pairs. Your patio loves having things in it that match with one another and compliment each other. Your patio wants to match. Your patio wants to make a fashion statement. So, why not let it. We need to know how to dress to impress.

You need pairs of everything for days. Things that match with the other is ideal. Good things come in pairs. Socks come in pairs, earring come in pairs, underwear comes in pairs (although it’s just one, so why do they call it pair??). You will be surprised where pairs will take you. Pairs

Fair and Layered

Your patio should look mighty fair with that patio layered with cushions, rugs, and love. Add some warm tea and throw in some sugar, and you’ve got yourself a brand new Grandma’s patio. Congratulations. You’re turning into your grandma and you’re the new grand lady on the block.

Of course, your patio should also be layered with scents. Don’t be afraid to mix a little vanilla and cinnamon up in there. Your guests want to feel at home. They loved Grandma’s house when they were little and they still do. So appease their memories.

Create Memories

Now it’s time to create those memories. How are you going to create memories with your patio if you never make time for it? It’s very important to sit down and have some quality time with your patio. Your patio needs you as weird as it may sound.

Don’t you ignore that precious little patio of yours. Your patio is a wonderful luxury to have no matter where you are and it needs you full attention. You are surely going to love spending time with your patio. Everyone loves to create many mighty memories. Happy memoring! Memories

What is your most favorite memory of grandma’s house? Comment below.

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