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Lines in your Patio – Line Appeal

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Lines are an excellent thing we have here in the decoration world. Lines are everywhere and they are super great. Maybe we don’t appreciate lines as much as we surely should but let’s start today with lines in your patio. Lines are actually very important.

You are going to love learning about how to get creative with lines. Yes, you have lines in your patio even if you did’t draw them of course. Lines are literally everywhere you look and maybe you just don’t realize it. Our brains don’t always pay attention to them. Lines

Hurdle to Vertical

Yes vertical lines are super great. You may wear a shirt with vertical stripes going up and down so that you look taller. This is because vertical lines will make a person’s eyes follow it up and down. That is a super cool trick to use in order to make yourself look taller.

Now what can vertical lines do for your patio? You asked a good question. They too can make your patio look endless. Your guests will look up. Maybe you have ceiling paintings that you want your guests to see…get vertical lines. A tall lamp could do the trick.

Horizontal Walls

There are so many horizontal lines in your patio like your couch for instance. Horizontal lines make things look wider by making your eyes look from side to side. This will do the trick for you to make your patio look like it has a lot more space than it does.

If you want your patio to look like it follows the horizon then get things that are wide. A wide couch creates a large horizontal line within your patio that your eyes will continue to follow until the day that you remove that couch from the room.

Diagonal for All

Diagonal lines are awesome. They are super cool and very different. Diagonal lines go from one corner to the next. It’s like they connect one part of the room to another part. Sometimes your patio just needs to be spiced up a little and that’s okay.

Just get some decor that does just that. You may want to get wallpaper with a certain design that is asymmetrical and connects one corner to the opposite corner. Diagonal lines look great everywhere. They sort of trick the brain. They are super fun. Line

Lines Shine

You should definitely appreciate lines in your patio. Although you may not always notice that you have lines in your patio, they are very much there. Always pay attention to the lines. They are there to guide you. Never ignore them. That’s not nice.

Lines are meant to create something special within your patio. You literally get to choose how everything in your patio looks and compliments each other. It’s all up to you which lines you want to mix and match and where you want to put them.

Think Great

You have an excellent mind and you will achieve excellent things. I am beyond words at how amazing lines are and what we can create with them. I will never stop filling my patio with different types of lines and seeing just exactly what I can do with them.

You will have a magnificent patio. Think of all the amazing things you can do with these lines that you probably never even payed attention to. You will have an amazing time creating and decorating. That is just what you are supposed to do. Happy lining! Line

What is your favorite type of line? Comment below.

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