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Lightshare Trees – Natural Willow Twig Review

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I enjoy lighting up my home. I probably enjoy it better than anyone else I know. Call me crazy, but I keep my lights on all day even when it’s sunny out. I just love light. You know what I also love…trees! So, I combined them and purchased this lovely product. Let’s get talking about some Lightshare trees.

This is a beautiful tree that decorates your home with light. It’s literally a tree that lights up. I love the Lightshare trees! How cute! 

Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $19.99

Rating: 7 out of 10

Guarantee: I recommend

I Dig Those Twigs

What a beautiful piece of decoration! It truly is. I can’t help but love it despite its few flaws. The twigs are very fragile. I almost broke it multiple times. I actually have broken off one twig and that on the first day it finally shipped to my home! I was mad!

You just have to treat it with special care. It’s your property now. You own it. So, don’t neglect it. Treat it gently. Show it some love. Everything in your patio will break if you don’t treat them right. So, you want to make sure you place this tree in a safe place within your patio.

Flashing Lights, Alright

The lights are beautiful, that’s for sure. You are going to love the way these lights glow off of your walls and shine within your lovely patio. It’s a lovey thing to add on to your home. I am a big fan. Lights are not always perfect, though. You may want to look out for those flashing lights, and I’m not talking about the ones on the police car.

This tree will sometimes get defective. At least, it does with me. It hasn’t all been truly perfect. There are some flaws. It may be in the wiring or maybe I just got a bad batch. It does sometimes flicker, but I guess that’s what lights do. The things you put up with for the things you love!

Watch the Pot

I was so elated when my tree finally arrived at my door. I couldn’t wait to open it! I did open it, and the branches just met me! I went to stand it up in the corner of my patio, and I noticed one little thing. The pot was just a little too small for the tree itself.

It’s not a big deal, but you just have to make sure you stand it up in a way that it is not going to fall down. Keep it in it’s center. Find that balance. You are going to want to rearrange the branches and the twigs in a way that will evenly balance everything in the pot.

A Famous Oasis

The way this thing lights up your home will have everyone on the block talking about you. You will appear to have a perfect home, won’t you. The tree shines so brightly. Everyone will see your home from a mile away. Hooray! You are now famous in your neighborhood.

Those neighborhood gossip grandmas at their weekly tea meeting and book club are going to be talking about you. You may even inspire them to start a neighborhood talk show in your honor. You are a celebrity. No way! You go, girl. Flaunt your creativity!

Light Up Your Room

The whole purpose of the Lightshare is to light up your room in a very decorative and creative way. Your guests will love it. You will never want to leave your home with this product. I am sure of it. What a nice add on to have in your patio. Your patio sure is special.

This tree creates a beautiful design within your home that you are sure to love. I sure do love it despite its little tweaks here and there. I’m willing to look past that because it looks so great in my patio. I will never give it up! If I do end up breaking all the twigs off, I will replace it.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Questions or comments? Leave them below!





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