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Indoor Patio Ideas – Make a Wish

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Some of us just love the cool outdoor breeze in our hair, so having an outdoor patio is nonnegotiable for some. However, there are a few house hermits that love the indoors and having an indoor patio is their one wish. So follow along and gather a few indoor patio ideas from the wishing well.

Having an indoor patio is great! You don’t have to deal with crazy weather changes and temperatures that are all over the place. You don’t even have to worry about your furniture getting ruined by the great outdoors. Now pick up a few indoor patio ideas and enjoy your home. Home

Your Space, Your Place

As always, you want to do what makes you comfortable. Indoor patios are great for being creative. You can block all the crazy things that could happen to your designs if it were to be outdoors. Make it your own. You can finally just do you without destruction.

So, how are you going to make your space feel like it’s truly yours? The great thing about it is you can hang things up on the walls, the ceiling, and you can even get carpet. Hang a few pictures of your family up or any of your favorite things.

Get any type of decoration that you may need.

Area Hysteria

One of the most important things about furnishing a space is getting the correct measurements. I have seen all too many times someone screws up their measurements and gets the wrong sized furniture. You don’t want to do that. Believe me. I’ve been there.

What’s great about area. since we’re on the topic, you can go crazy! Yes, just go absolutely insane! Work within your space whether it be small or large. Don’t leave a bit of your patio uncovered by your flawless taste for design. I like crazy. I like to go crazy.

Walls Aren’t Small

Yes, you are trapped inside four walls, but you can leave anytime you want to. You may be physically inside these walls, but your imagination is not. You can soar above the roof into the sky. Do something that is avant garde.Get out of your comfort zone. Let’s talk about the walls.

People are always scared of walls. They don’t know what to do with them. It’s scary if you are trying not to mess up your walls, but let that fear go. You can always fix them. The walls hold a lot of space for your creativity. You can paint them. Don’t even just paint them a solid color; paint an actual picture. Hang pictures up. Walls

Ceiling Hangers and Layers

Well, when you’re indoors, you have ceilings now. You can get any type of paper or fabric and make a design of it. You can then take some type of adhesive and attach it so that it hangs from the ceiling. Maybe paint a few pictures on the ceiling or hang up some quotes so that when people look up to heaven, they are inspired. Maybe even put some quotes on the floor so that when people look down, they are inspired to pick their heads up.

Your patio has many layers. There is the calm and normal layer, then maybe you have the layer that is just absolutely insane, went crazy, and is now becoming its own person. Crazy! Have you ever had your patio come to life? That would be pretty cool.

Make it Yours

It is all about you. Your patio equals your space. It’s your own little cave. You have a tiny little hideaway in your home. What a fun time you will share there. There will be many laughs and maybe even a little tears at the joys of having this wonderful place.

A patio is a place to bring family and friends together. It is a place where we make memories and share funny stories. We have good times here. Even if you get a new patio down the road or no patio at all, you still leave with the memories that live on forever. I hope you enjoy your indoor patio. Happy creativity! Creative

What is your craziest patio memory? Comment below.





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