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How to be an Awesome Host – Be Daring

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Hosting is an art. I know it may seem scary for some people especially those who have never done it, but hosting is actually very fun and that is why you are here to learn about how to be an awesome host. Don’t back down. Be amazing. Dare to be amazing.

Being awesome is top priority in a host. People are going to come to your home and expect to feel comfortable and feel like they are at grandma’s house. They love you but they are secretly judging you to see if you read a blog post about how to be an awesome host. Home

Food for the Dude

Of course you’ve got to have food out for your guests or they are going to starve to death. You never want to make your guests have to pay for food or bring their own food. You don’t even want to make them have to call in for a delivery. It’s just not right.

You should always provide food and drinks for your guests and snacks should be available at all times. Your guests get hungry, girl. You could always go get food or call for delivery but don’t make your guests have to do that task only meant for the host.

A Clean Machine

One very important thing here is to make sure your house is clean. It should be clean from the ceiling down to the floor. You might have to scrub but if that is what it takes then you are going to have to step up to the plate like a hot dog. I don’t know why I said that.

Just make sure that you have a clean home. No one likes a smelly house filled with all sorts of dirt and trash and filth everywhere. It’s disgusting and no one likes it. Go ahead and ask absolutely anyone that you see. They will all tell you the same thing.

That “home” Chromosome

People want to feel at home wherever they go. The earth is their home too so why not feel at home wherever? No one wants to feel like they left their comfort zone and they are no longer in that safety net of love and comfort that they knew once before.

Your home should be their home too. Your guests need that so badly or they are surely not going to want to step back into your sweet little home. Make sure every guest is included and welcome. Leave no one out or you may lose a few guests that day. Host

Chat Like That

Always have something to talk about with your guests. Guests always want to listen to you speak and you should feel the same about your guests. They want to be included in something. You need to allow everyone to have a chance to chime in about something.

You can literally talk about anything. Whatever subject comes up just jump in at any chance you get. Your guests are going to appreciate your opinion and concern. Even if the topic is controversial don’t be afraid to chime in. Your opinion is highly valued.

Love and Laughter

Your home should be a place filled with comfort and joy. It should be a place of no judgment where your guests can just sit back and relax for days. Your guests are never going to want to leave if you are a good host. Be more than that…be excellent.

You should go above and beyond the hosting material that you have just learned and strive to be amazing. Yes, you already are amazing but you want to be even more amazing and excellent each and every day. Just love your guests and your home. Happy hosting! Home host

What is the hardest thing about being a host? Comment below.

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