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Homey Patio – Add a Little Meaning

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Don’t you remember those amazing times you spent at your grandmother’s house? It felt like home. No matter what people say, they love that homey feel. People want to feel at home wherever they go. If you are going to invite someone into your house, makes them feel at home with a homey patio.

Everyone wants a homey patio. Why not want to feel at home in your own house? It just makes sense doesn’t it? Everyone that comes over should feel comfortable enough to sit back and stay for quite a while. What a fun time they should have over at your place. Let’s make it happen. Flower

Never Say No to Sew

What’s Grandma always doing with her life? She’s knitting and sewing everything in sight. Don’t you come over her place with a hole in your clothes or she’ll sew that up for while it’s still on your back, sticking you with the needle in the process. Don’t let it bother you, though. She loves you. You’re her little baby.

I’m not saying to let your house turn into your grandma’s house, but I am saying to let it resemble that because everyone loves some milk and cookies being handed to them and shoved in their face as soon as they walk in the door. You don’t have to force cookies on people though. That’s weird.

Family Portraits are Worth it

Okay everybody loves to see you and your family getting along so well. We’re people. We are visual creatures. We love to see pictures, especially of you and your family. Family portraits are so nice. We get to see y’all all dressed up and prissy like. What a cute picture!

In real life your family might be straight chaos, but at least you got that family photo hanging around. People want to walk in and say, “Awe, how cute!” They just want to see sentiment. Our guests just want to see that we are people and we have emotions and hearts. They just want to make sure real quick that we’re not robots. Buns

Cozy Mozy

Make sure your furniture is super soft and the temperature in the room is truly pleasant. Of course if you have an outdoor patio, there isn’t much you can do about the air, but make sure that furniture is right. People just want to be comfortable. Make sure your place is cozy.

Have some blankets laying around and have some pillows nearby as well. We just want to curl up and put our minds at ease after a long and stressful day. No one wants to come over your house and not be comforted. Just have some soft stuff laying all around you.

A Tent of Scent

Fragrance may seem like the least important thing on the patio list, but it is very important, my friend. If you have a smelly house, people are going to run for their lives. They will think you straight up murdered somebody in their. Don’t chase your guests always because your house smells like death.

Candles! You want lots of good smelling candles nearby. Switch them up if you like. I just love coming into someone’s home and inhaling the most delightful scents. Maybe it smells like cookies, or pumpkins, or Christmas. That’s what really keeps me there even if everything else is just wrong. A scent goes a long way.

Home Full of Delight

Your home is now home to everyone else that comes over. You’ve got to share your home now. It’s not just yours anymore. You’ve got guests that are never going to leave now. You just can’t get rid of them because your home is so darn fabulous right now, Beyoncé couldn’t even touch it.

Give your guests what they want. Treat yourself even. You deserve to have a wonderful patio space. You deserve to have a wonderful home as well. Just enjoy these special things in life, and don’t be afraid to get a little sentimental. Treasure these moments you have now. Happy treasuring! Home

How do you make your guests feel at home? Comment below.

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