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Hanging Outdoor Patio Lights – It’s a Breeze

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Lights are a crazy thing, right? We need them in order to see. They are especially important for outdoor places. The moon comes up but to no great avail. You still can barely see. When the sun goes down, light is gone. You need to be hanging outdoor patio lights.

Hanging outdoor patio lights is not a hard task at all. It really isn’t even tedious unless you’re like me and can’t help but wrap yourself in the string lights. It can be a chore that way, but hanging lights is fairly easy. You just have to take a breath and relax. Lights

Wrapping and Strapping

With string lights, all you have to do is wrap your lights around and strap them down. Remember that. It’s so easy to do. Many people accidentally wrap parts of them in different directions. Maybe they are in a rush, but you must always check behind yourself.

With a simple light by the door, that is even easier. All you really need to do is take the light that probably comes in a little decorative holder and hang it up. You just strap it down wherever you want it to go. See, not so bad, right? You’ll do fine. It’s easy.

Hang it, Dang it

Yes, just hang it! As soon as you get it out of the box, you take the light and hang it up wherever you need the most light or wherever is the most decorative but still serves a purpose. You don’t want to put a tiny light in the corner where nobody ever goes just because it looks nice.

People need light. We need to see. When we are trying to see, we want the light to be close to us, not hiding behind a shield in the corner of the patio. Your patio is much better looking when people can see it. It is also more enjoyable when there is light.

Further Around the Border

Talking about string lights here, you can wrap them all around the border of your patio. You can hang them up top or even down low. If you are going to wrap them around the bottom of your home, make sure it is going to be safe and always do your research.

When I was a child, we never got lights for our home because everyone was afraid that they were all to flammable and would catch on fire at the blink of an eye. It can be true in some cases but make sure your lights are going to be compatible with your house. Light

From the Store and by the Door

Door lights are simply the most easy lights to hang. You really don’t have to do anything. It doesn’t require much effort on your part. The only thing you absolutely have to do is take it out of the box and find that perfect place by the door that you want to hang it.

When you go to the store, make sure to pick up the right type of light that you want to buy. I have gone to Home Depot way too many times just to buy the wrong freaking lamp. Then I took another trip back down to the store just to get a different light I hoped would work for me. Don’t be me.

Let it Shine

Now you have it down. You can hang up your lights anywhere you want as long as it is safe. Don’t be unsafe. We don’t want any patio mishaps here. Just happy stories. We all love to share those happy, clever, fun stories we can never get enough of.

Let’s die of laughter by the lights. We love to tell jokes and see those smiling faces. Why sit in the dark and not see even a smile crack until the butt crack of dawn? That’s boring. Just go out and get your lights before I knock your lights out. Just kidding. I’m a nice person. Happy lighting! Bright

What kind of lights are your favorite? Comment below.

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