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Halloween Patio Decorating Ideas – Making it Spooky

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From the beginning of time, people have loved to scare other people. I wonder why that is. Is it just in our blood to have the crazy desire to give other people bone chilling heart attacks? Maybe so, but you’ve got to be prepared. If you’re going to do it,

do it right with some Halloween patio decorating ideas.

It’s such an easy task to go out and get the proper scary decorations you need ion order to give your visitors quite a scare and an exceptional night to remember. Halloween patio decorating ideas are not just for you but for your guests too. They want to be scared. Trust me, it’s Halloween. Halloween

Boo to You

Like I said before, your guests want to be scared. Aunt MaryBeth may say she doesn’t feel like having a scare tonight because the doctor said her blood pressure’s gone up a little too high, but that’s just because she’s worried about your patio not being spooky enough.

Come on, get it together! Don’t let your highly valued guests be disappointed. Some people go so far as to even make their homes a haunted house. Crazy, right? But I bet their the talk of the neighborhood. So, why not put up some scary decorations or even dress up yourself to give your guests a heck of a good time? Scary

So, Get a Scarecrow

Scarecrows? Yes, scarecrows. But my guests aren’t birds. They won’t be scared. Well, it’s mainly decoration with a creepy spin that you can add to it. You could even have someone dress up as a scarecrow, sit there on your patio, and jump out as people walk up. Hilarious!

Scarecrows are really cool though. They are something that has represented Autumn and Halloween all at once for decades. I guess it’s decades, it could be centuries. I didn’t do my scarecrow research so I’m just pretty much assuming. But get a scarecrow! Scarecrow

A Pumpkin Patch to Hatch

People love pumpkins especially this time of year. It’s finally harvest season and we’ve been dying for that pumpkin spice latte at Starbuck’s all year long. We can’t wait to put on our boots and go pick some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and roast those pumpkin seeds. Yum!

So why not decorate your patio with Autumn’s most loved fruit? Children love the little pumpkins. You’ll probably even see some of them dressed up like one as they’re trick-or-treating. I know I went as a pumpkin once. I might even sneak out and go this year; no one would know, I’m short and cute. Pumpkin Patch

Fall Colors to Hover

And finally, make sure your patio is dressed all up in those beautiful fall colors in order to give your patio the most Autumn feel as you say hi and bye to those little candy-wanting children. Be sure to make your patio stand out. Fall colors with just an extra pop of orange is great.

For tonight, your patio should be mostly orange if you are going for the traditional Halloween decor, but if you are going for a scary look, you should choose some scarier colors. If you are just keeping it subtle and going for the Autumn look then keep it brown, red, and light orange. Fall colors

Have a Chilling Night

Now that you know the ins and outs of Halloween patio decorating, you can go out right now and get your patio ready for your Halloween party and trick-or-treaters. You’ll have a grand old fun time tonight, and always remember to be safe and be good out there!

We don’t want any patio horror stories today, so make sure your patio is always in check. Have a fun time decorating your patio with your family and friends on this spooky night. Don’t you get yourself into too much trouble, now. I’ll be watching you! No I won’t; that’s creepy. I’ll be home eating candy and watching scary movies. Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat

What are some of your spookiest decorations? Comment below.






  • Riaz Shah

    Hey Angelina!

    I’m an event decorator myself and I love the human scarecrow idea! You’re completely right that the scarecrow decor isn’t very effective nowadays and my guess is that it’s too mainstream but decorating ourselves into living scarecrows, now that’s something! Just a thought though, you should do a DIY guide on decorating, a lot of people are really looking for that 😀

    • Angelina Talley

      Thank you for reading! I sure will do a diy decorating guide. Yes, scarecrows are much better when they are live human beings.

  • Cathy

    Hi there, just sharing my experience here about spooky decoration. This year, the kids decided to go DIY and they made some ghostly figures from garbage bag and hang them with old hangers. One of my neighbors thought they drove through a haunted house, so I guess it works.

  • cpascal

    Seeing people’s Halloween decorations is getting to the point where it’s as much a thing to look forward to as seeing people’s Christmas decorations. It might be an idea to decorate the porch with those Halloween lights that come as strings of lighted pumpkins or ghosts. I don’t know whether they’re safe for outside use, though.

  • Jamie

    I’ve just been searching online about what I can put out on my patio tonight for Halloween and you have definitely given me some inspiration! I think I’ll probably put out some decorated pumpkins out with some fake cobweb – hopefully this will be spooky enough for everyone coming round. 

    • Angelina Talley

      Hey Jamie,

      I’m glad I could help. That sounds like it’ll give them all a good scare. Keep up the creativity! Thank you for reading.

  • Danny

    This is a great guide to making a great Halloween Patio. I love the idea of having a person dress up as a scarecrow and then jump out at people! Maybe you could even have it so that there is TWO scarecrows that you rotate between; sometimes the scarecrow on the patio is just an ordinary one and sometimes it’s a person dressed up as a scarecrow. That way, people never quite know if the scarecrow is going to jump out at them or not, and it just adds that extra element of tension. What do you think?

  • David

    Glowing eyes is a good Halloween patio decorating idea that make it spooky for your guests. I saw this some time back and thought it a great idea. You cut out some eye shapes in some sort of roll, for example a toilet roll. Then tape a coloured glow stick inside of that roll. Then put that outside in some bushes if it is dry. Or if you prefer, inside taped to your windows. Spooky or what. 🙂   

  • Christine

    Every year we love to decorate our patio with fall colour. We’ll decorate with plenty of pumpkins, autumn leaves, pumpkins shaped candles, pumpkin baskets etc.e

    We will decorate our fence with pumpkin shape lights, figurines dressed in orange and black colours. Some cobwebs here and there will be nice.

    Thank you for your suggestions 🙂

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