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Front Patio decor – Do More

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When you are in the front you have got to shine and be your best. Be the best you can be and be even greater than that. It’s very freaking important since people are watching you and that is the first thing they see when you have front patio decor.

Let’s make our front patio decor look nice. It has to be even better than nice. We don’t slack off around here for anything or anyone Hun! Let’s get it together and fix this thing up before it’s too late. We wouldn’t want that no not at all. Let’s hop to it. Front Patio

To Be Blunt: Front

Of course we have to be realistic. The front is going to be hard on our self-esteem because everyone is looking at us. Our patio has to be magnificent if we want to win this crazy patio battle for ourselves and our crazy little patios. It’s so important.

Let’s make sure everything is on point. The borders and the walls have got to be perfect. Even the porch and the driveway has got to be perfect because everyone is looking at us. Not to seem like a perfectionist, you probably think I’m paid to say the word-perfect.

Brick is Lit

I just love brick. This is of course part of your patio decor. It is just a part of the foundation of your patio but it is very important because in the front there is always going to be something in the back. There needs to be something there. It makes everything look authentic.

Just make sure your brick is up to code. It needs to look neat and clean always. Make everything so fresh and so clean while you are at it. It is never going to clean itself or stay perfect forever if you don’t step up and clean it all for yourself. Take care.

Chairs are There

Well if chairs are not there then they need to be there definitely. People love to see that old-fashioned porch thing where grandma and grandpa can come sit comfortable on your porch and wave at your neighbors while possibly embarrassing you in the process.

Just make sure your chairs are always properly cleaned once in a while. They collect lots of things out there on the porch all year long. They will definitely need a cleaning sooner or later probably sooner. Now let’s make sure our chairs don’t fall apart guys. Home

Windows are Halos

The windows are a great asset to your home because they add so much charm to it. They are better for the person actually living there though because we need to see outside the house not people looking inside. That would be creepy right.

Windows are always in need of a cleaning so make sure you Windex that window with your life until death. They will get dirty on the inside and the outside and that is not cool. We do not tolerate that here. We keep things always cleaned in every way.

Make it You

It’s time to just own that awesome patio of yours and just call it a day. You know you are awesome and so is your patio. Everyone loves you and your patio so pick that self-confidence up and start reaching for the stars. It’s time to make it happen.

Let’s be great. Let’s get our lives together because life is short and you only live once. You don’t have long before you’re old and gray wondering where the time went but that’s okay, you are young at heart always. Let’s be wonderful and beautiful. Happy fronting! Home

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