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Fill your Vases with Something Amazing – It’s a Fun World

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What do we put in vases? Flowers of course, you might say. I totally agree with you but for some of us, we like to get a little creative. We are a different breed. We want you to fill your vases with something amazing. Flowers are great but read on.

You will be surprised by the things you could have been doing but probably didn’t think you could. Break the status quo. Your brain has been conditioned another way. Fill your vases with something amazing and nothing less. Be different today and everyday. Vases

Marbles are Awesome

Okay, so I love marbles with all of my natural born heart. They are truly amazing. The colors are super aquatic and they just look magnificent. I love all of the swirls that it gives you and the way the colors reflect off the light. That will have your home looking great.

You can fill marbles in you vase. Of course, with any of these ideas you are going to want to use a clear vase so that people can see everything you have in them. That will have your patio space looking unique and amazing at the same darn time.

Chocolate Kisses for Wishes

Who doesn’t want a vase full of chocolate? Give your guests something to snack on. They just walk over to the vase and share a piece of chocolate. That is such a cute and neat little idea. I can’t wait to try it out myself. I know people are going to love it.

No one is going to be able to get enough of this chocolate idea. They are all going to love you to death for it. Maybe they will even love you to a bunch of tiny chocolate pieces. They will eat you right up. Just make sure to keep stocking and restocking.

Shredded Paper is Greater

Shredded paper is a good idea for a vase too. You just get your desired colored paper, put that thing in the shredder where it can get shredded to a thousand little pieces, and place it in the vase. It’s as simple as that and you are sure to awe your guests.

This design will make it look like decorative paper you might put in a gift bag. It always looks nice either way. This time it is just hanging out in your vase. What’s not to love about it. You will never have to look at your vase and think “plain” again. Let’s be different. Shredded Paper

Notes from Folks

This one is a great one to do. Just let all of your guests have a chance to write something to you and stick it in your vase. Then later when you get bored you can reach in and read everything that was written. Just leave a pen and paper near the vase.

You will be surprised how heartwarming this idea is. You will not be able to get enough of this one because you want their super kind words filling your patio at all times. Your guests will love this one too. People love to write notes and tell you they admire you.

Get Creative

It’s your time to shine. Let your light shine and your vases fill with amazing things and new opportunities. You will never be disappointed but will always succeed. You are a creative person with a unique eye of design and no one is going to take that away.

Now just shine. Shine like the sun in the noon day or shine like the stars at night. Either way you are successful and you are a great human being. Let’s be amazing little persons together. It will never end. We will always be completely amazing. Happy filling! Creativity

What are some of your vase ideas? Comment below.

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