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Design My Own Patio – It’s all Mine

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Designing a patio is something personal. I would love to design my own patio any day. I loved designing the patio I have now and I will keep doing it. You can do the same. By learning some things I did, you will definitely feel encouraged to try it.

Try it yourself. If you hear my hot tips that I used to design my own patio I know that you will go crazy at the home store getting all the ingredients to make your patio dreams a reality. It’s not all in your head anymore, it’s in person. It’s all yours. Design

What I Like is Alright

It is my patio. It’s all mine and I am beyond glad. No one can come in and take over my patio. I get to choose the curtains, the windows, the carpet, the furniture, anything I want. Every little detail I get to choose. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world like this?

This is awesome. It’s a paradise where you get whatever you want and you get to choose exactly what you want and how you want it. You get to choose the height, the width, the length. Everything is in your hands and that is a lot of responsibility but you can handle it.

Shutter With my Colors

You can tell those walls what colors you want to paint them. It’s all about what your eyes see and how those colors will make you feel in your very own patio space. You have guests, of course, but they are not going to tell you how to run your patio.

You’ve got this all in the bag. It’s your patio. You get to put color where you want to put color and mix colors every which way you like. It doesn’t matter. No one is judging you here even if the colors are insane and do not match. It’s your freaking patio.

Quotes are my Anecdote

Do you ever feel like life is your kryptonite? Sometimes we just need a little quote to get us up out of bed in the morning and start our day off right. We need a little pick me up, you know to pick us up when we are feeling down. Quotes are a great thing.

You simply read them and give your guests a chance to read them too, and live by that during the day. Just meditate on it and you’ll be fine. Just write a quote that you believe in. Anything that you want your patio to represent is what that quote should say. Design

My Pictures and Favorite Stickers

You can’t get more personal than your own pictures. Maybe you have some excellent photos of friends and family. Maybe you have some pictures of that pretty face of yours. You’re more than just a pretty face; you are a smart patio designer who will go places in life.

I can see you get some cool stickers too. You want to get those cute wall sized stickers that has your grandma’s face on it because she’s so cute of course. Who wouldn’t think that’s just so precious? You, my friend, are a very good one. You’ve got this,

Doing my Own Thing

So I just want to do my own thing and I know you want to do your own thing as well. Who is here to stop you? Let a sucker roll up. You are not having it today. Today is all about you even if it isn’t your birthday, but if it is, happy birthday! Just do you.

Do your own thing, Don’t you see me doing my own thing? It’s time to follow your dreams and reach for the stars. Why lag behind in life? It’s your life and no one can take over. Leave those haters at bay. They ain’t doing nothing but crying at your success. Happy designing! Design

What is your favorite thing about being you? Comment below.

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