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Country Patio Decor – Hit The Floor

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We all love to line dance at those parties we throw and at those family get thogethers that we all have. Sometimes I think, if I love something so much, why not bring it into my home? You only allow into your home what you know will benefit you greatly. So how about some country patio decor for your space.

I just love to get out and rock those country cowgirl boots. I’ve got my hat on and everything. I usually look like I’m about to hop onto the back of a horse and ride off into the sunset. You’ll never catch me! You don’t have to live on a farm or have a rural home to have country patio decor. Chances are, you don’t live in the country, you just love the country like I do. 

Hats a Fact

Hats don’t only decorate your head. They are good for decorating so much more. Let’s start with your patio! Country style hats are great for your country patio space. Who does country without the famous country hats? They are so stylish, and they say a lot.

You can place these big old hats in the corner of the room. Maybe place them on your seats. You could even get really tiny hats that look like they can only fit a mouse, and place them on the table. These are sure to add the most stylish design to set the country scene.

A Horse is a Horse of Course

Horses are by far one of my top favorite animals. The fearlessness they resemble is amazing. As a child, I can remember anticipating the rare times I would get to ride a horse right out of my preschool. I have to admit, I would get a bit nervous. All of that excitement and then I chicken out at the last minute. Are you kidding me? Don’t be that way with your patio space. Horses aren’t really that scary…sometimes.

You don’t have to go out and buy a barn and fill it with a bunch of horses, though, that would be cool. I’m not stopping you if that’s what you want to do. But, I am going to say this: you can buy fake horses. You can get those cute little toy horses and place them in your patio. You can also get stuffed horses and place them in your seat. Maybe get a poster of a horse like the one I’ve had hanging up in my room since I was thirteen, but we don’t have to talk about that. 

Get Grass Fast

What better way to set the scene than with a little grass. You can get artificial grass if you have an indoor space. Read my review on this one here. You can also put some artificial grass in your outdoor space. Either way, grass does look quite good in your country patio. We kind of want to feel like we are in a barn with this theme.

Keep your grass groomed. Maybe you like your grass long because it makes you feel like you are running through an open field as free as a horse. Let the wind run through you mane! You may like long grass, but if you are going to have guests over, you want to make them feel comfortable. A lot of people don’t like long grass.

Go Hard With the Barnyard

I am a true animal lover. I’ve secretly always wanted to have a barn in the backyard. Sh, don’t tell my friends; they already think I’m weird. It just seems like a nice thing to commit to. Wake up every day and be greeted by loving animals you may or may not talk to in your free time… I definitely would.

No, I am not telling you to go out and get a barn. I am not even telling you to get an animal; although, if you have a pet and you dress him or her up like a cowboy or cowgirl, that would be totally cute. I’m sure you would get so much attention that way! But, you should decorate in your patio with barnyard animals. These can be done with posters, cardboard, or really anything you can think of.

It’s Country, You See

There’s nothing wrong with a little country in your life. Bring it into your beautiful patio. People appreciate your creative themes. Give the people what they want. I absolutely love going over to someone’s house who has that special flare and an eye for design.

Get some hay. Get some straw. Even get your pet some cute country clothes. Everyone will totally enjoy that and have a little laugh with you. Who doesn’t like seeing a cute little animal dressed all up in a nice theme. Oh, yes, I am serious about getting your pet all dolled up. That was not a joke! Have fun decorating. 

Do you like the country theme? Thanks for reading. Questions or comments? Leave them below!





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