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Comparing Your Patio – What’s Not to be Loved?

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Everybody wants to be better than the next. You are secretly competing with your neighbors over who has the better patio. It’s funny to watch those competitions where people compete without even saying a word to each other. Stop comparing your patio to others. Let it be your own.

Having a patio is not all about competition. It’s not about whose patio looks the best in the neighborhood and whose patio scores the most point in best style or most comfortable. I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many neighborhood critics coming to test out your patio. So don’t be comparing your patio. It just ain’t right. Compete

Tame the “Same”

One thing that comes with comparing your patio is trying to be the same as your competition. Maybe there is something you like about their patio, so you set out to find something just like it for yours so that it can add that special touch you think your patio needs.

You shouldn’t do this for competition. It’s okay to buy something you like that you saw somewhere else, but having the mindset of competition isn’t going to help anybody. So stop trying to be a copycat and just do you regardless of whether or not people like what you’ve done.

Your Home to Roam

Your patio is your home. You are free to roam it if you please. No one wants to feel captive in their own home, so why limit yourself to what you can do with your patio all because of a little competition. Feel comfortable in your home. Don’t let anyone dictate what you can do.

Whatever makes you feel good in your own house, do it. Anything that makes you feel at home is extremely important. If you don’t feel at home then it is time for some change. You can’t be feeling like a prisoner in your own home. That’s just not what having a patio is about at all.

Decor is Sure

Patio decor is sure to establish some diversity in your patio. It is something that distinguishes your patio from another patio because it holds your taste and your style. No one is going to have the exact same preferences as you do. This is something that makes you unique.

Buy decor that makes you think of yourself, not what makes you feel superior to someone else. It just doesn’t make any sense. This is your house and no one else is going to step up to your door and tell you to take it down. Yes, sister, it’s your house. You own this castle.Decor

Comfortable and Suitable

What is home? Home is where the heart is. It’s a place where you feel comfortable enough to let go and lay back. Home is a place where you can lay your head and be at the utmost peace. So why wouldn’t you want your patio to suit you and feel as comfortable as it possibly can? Let go of all that struggle.

If you feel comfortable in your own home, that’s all that matters. Just buy what makes you feel the most at home, not what makes someone feel inferior to you. Each person has their own tastes and their own opinions. Let your patio feel like home. That’s most important.

Nobody but Yours

Nothing is more important than you feeling at home in your own space. You want to be able to let your hair down and roam free in your patio. Don’t let anyone hold you back from that. It’s nobody’s house but your house. Don’t let anyone take control of your home.

No one is allowed to take away your freedom. You do that when you decide to compete with someone else. It only hurts you and your neighbors. Just love yourself, love your neighbor, and love your patio. Let your light shine all over the neighborhood. Happy not comparing! Love

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