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Christmas Home Decoration Ideas – Be Merry

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It’s that time of year again. Everyone is filled with cheer as they rush to the stores to pick up those last minute gifts. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. The snow, the laughter, the hot chocolate, the decorating, and the Christmas home decoration ideas I get to pass on to you.

For those of us who just love to decorate, we all have unique ideas. Most people just throw a tree up and slap some ornaments on it. We have real Christmas home decoration ideas that are different. Let’s make it unique and personalized. That’s the best thing to do and is my gift to you.Christmas

Bright and in Sight

Oh the lights get me every time. I love cruising through the neighborhoods looking at the gorgeous Christmas lights and decorations. They’re all so bright. You can never have too much Christmas. Go crazy with the decorations. Show everyone that you are serious.

Put some lights all around the border on the outside of your house. You can even put some in your trees and in your bushes. The best way to handle Christmas is to go all out and ornament everything. Get big blow ups to put out on your lawn as well. I’m not kidding 🙂

Stir the Fir

Of course you need fir. Let’s all go fir crazy. What is a Christmas tree with no fir? You want everything to be evergreen. Make sure your trees and your fir are all looking neat and sharp. You don’t want messy fir. That’ll get to all of your guests in the worst way possible.

Just make sure to be neat. You could even make your own reef if you know how. Put some ornaments in them or just personalize them anyway you want. It’s all up to you. Just make sure you feel comfortable with what you are doing. Keep it evergreen for everlasting love.

A Heavenly Nativity

My favorite. What’s Christmas without Jesus? We have to remember that this is the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. There would be no Christmas without the birth of our Savior. Sometimes we just have to take some time to humble ourselves and stop thinking about all the presents we want and think about what Christmas really means.

I always loved looking out the window and seeing a beautiful nativity scene out on the front lawn of someone’s home as Silent Night played on the radio. Some of us go with a smaller one that sits perfectly on the bookshelf. It’s all up to you and how you wish to display it. Nativity

Spent on Ornaments

So if you didn’t know, I was actually born on Christmas Day! Yes, everyone freaks out when I say it but it’s true and I have always loved it. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with family all around and the whole world full of cheer? Maybe we’ll even get some snow. That’s why I have a Merry Christmas Day of Birth ornament.

Christmas ornaments are meant to commemorate something special. You can get a new ornament each year to display something that happened that year. Every year is different and we all have important milestones we want to remember and celebrate.

Good Tidings to You

So gathers by the tree and listen to those old records of Nat King Cole and Bing Cosby. Sing Christmas carols by the fireplace and have some egg nog. You are going to have a great Christmas this year. I’m sure it will be very special and you’ll have lots of fun.

Bake some cookies and give your guests something to eat and drink. Throw a Christmas party. We all love a good party. Everybody wants to celebrate. It’It’ll be fun. Your guests will never leave. You are the best host anyone could ever have. Merry Christmas! Merry

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Comment below.

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