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Candle Lantern Decor – Baja Vista Lantern Review

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I know what you’re thinking. Stop thinking about those Halloween jac-o-lanterns. That’s not what we’re here for, yet. That’s a topic in a later post. Remind me to write that. I do love decorating with lanterns though. They are absolutely stunning, and they provide the best dim light when it’s dark. So think about getting some candle lantern decor.

I love candle lantern decor. They are those things that have candles that sit inside a beautiful little porcelain dish. If you love these, you should think about getting the Baja Vista lantern.

Place to Buy: Avon

Price: $29.99

Rating: 9 out of 10

Guarantee: I recommend 

Visible and Whimsical

Your gorgeous decoration is sure to impress. Your patio is sure to light up with this product. The decoration is so beautiful on the outside, and the light shines so brightly on the inside. The light penetrates perfectly through the structure of this design.

Everybody is sure to enjoy this. It’s a bright light that enjoys being the center of attention. The purpose of this product is simply to be seen. It gives some light and gets some light. It’s a fair trade, isn’t it. Lights like these surely do appeal to the senses.

This Little Light of Mine

I absolutely love this light that sits on my little round table. It glows so nicely but isn’t too bright. You don’t want to get a light that is too bright. People will not be able to see. They will be blind. You will blind yourself too. You might think you’re talking to sweet dear old Grandma in her little housecoat only o find out you’re actually talking to that strange little boy that lives down the street.

I’m telling you, that will surely not happen with this product. The lights are just right. It’s not too dim. It’s not too bright. It’s just right. You are going to love having this little thing on your patio hopefully as much as I do. Your guests are going to enjoy it too.

Stop, But Don’t Drop

Be careful with this one, though. I have come close to completely breaking this whole thing apart. It would’ve been terrible! I love my little lantern. I do admit that it is quite chipped. I’ve come so close to breaking it completely. All I seem to have done is only scrape the paint a few times…or several.

It sure will be alright if you scrape it a little. No one will really notice it at all. You could always repair it by painting it yourself. It doesn’t matter much. Everyone knows nothing will stay perfect forever, even though we may want them too. Just treat it with a little care.

A Great Way to Create

You can truly make some gorgeous creations out of this lantern. It goes with just about everything you may have out on your patio. So, there is a lot of flexibility in what you can place it with. Be free. You can decorate your patio with this lantern in any color.

You get two lanterns with this set. Maybe order some more so that you can have multiple lanternarrangements. Won’t that be nice? A lantern for every table. Those who sit down on your patio at the lovely table you have set up will really enjoy your arrangement with lights.

I Love What You’ve Done With Your Space

If you buy this lantern, you have made a wonderful decision. You have taken a step in the right direction. I am so ecstatic that you have decided to shed some light on your lovely patio space. I’m sure your guests are too because they can finally see!

You want to see those lovely faces around you. The Baja Vista set is gorgeous. It has many benefits and very little negative qualities. I know that you are absolutely going to love it. I hope you enjoy your set and keep on decorating your patio!

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  • Kenny

    Hi, think your reviews work really well by giving detail so you a person can visualise what one the products you’re reviewing would look like in their home, keep up the great work.

  • M. Tidbury

    I like lanterns and these ones do look pretty. I wonder if they come in other colours though. I would dim the lights if they were in the home and pretend I had two little fires going. It makes for a romantic atmosphere. I think I would use them during special holidays too. It could give off warmth during cold holiday season weather, making you think of a small fireplace.

    • Angelina Talley

      Hi there. Thank you for reading. Lanterns are my favorite. These particular lanterns only come in white, but maybe try painting them. You could make some beautiful designs. These sure would look like little fires. They will make your home look so romantic and warm. You can do whatever you want with these.


    Hi Divalina
    Thank you for this wonderful review.This lantern has a wide application,which mean that it is flexible easily adapted.
    I Was trying to view this lantern but I couldn’t view the product kindly show me how i can view the product.
    I would also like to know if you are able to ship this product to Lusaka Zambia.

    • Angelina Talley

      Hi Themba. Thank you for reading. I’m sorry that you could not view the product. If you go to : 


      2. Click the side menu

      3. Select Shop Now

      4. Click menu

      5. Click home

      6. Select decor in the drop down menu

      7. You should see the Baja Vista Lantern if you scroll down a little

      We do ship to Lusaka Zambia! If you have any other questions feel free to email me at 🙂

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