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Build a Patio Deck – What the Heck

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It’s no surprise people are building things with their own two hands. People are going back to school and learning new skills. Like why not do it myself if I absolutely can? I’ll save so much freaking money if I just build a patio deck myself. That should be fun.

Not that I have ever actually built a patio deck before, but let’s just have fun pretending that I know the ins and outs of patio construction. I don’t. But let’s just talk about some basic things you should know about how to build a patio deck. In the end, it’s all for fun. Patio Deck

Foundation Expectation

Of course when you build something you have to have a foundation first. No matter what it is that you are building; it doesn’t even have to be a physical thing; it could be a website – you will need a foundation. A foundation is what you need in order to get started.

So lay down your foundation. Think about what it is that you need in order to get this deck off the ground and go from there. Your foundation is the most important thing. It must be safe and sturdy for the main part. If there were to be an inspector, it better pass inspection before your mama takes her shoe and smacks you across the head.

Material is Surreal

It’s true. Material is bizarre.You have to figure out which kind of material will best suit you and your patio needs. It’s just crazy. No one likes the hassle. There are so many types of materials out there to choose from. Like how on earth am I going to pick just one?

You have to get the perfect material for your foundation and your patio deck overall. It’s all up to you to get the best material possible for your patio. Your material could make or break you. Some people can’t even stand the word “material.” It’s a bad word.

Walk the Walk

Your deck is there for people to walk on, right? It’s just laying there waiting for someone’s feet to walk all over it’s face. What an amazing job to have. Your deck does some pretty awesome stuff. If you have people walking all over it, you must make sure it’s easy for them.

So, in order for people to be able to easily walk on your deck, it must be even. You can’t have any bumps or rough spots in your deck. That will completely ruin the entire experience for everyone that comes by. They might as well roll on your deck with all those hazards! Deck

Yup, Hold it Up

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your patio is going to hold up. It’s got to be sturdy or you could cost your deck its life, and no one wants to stand on a deck that is going to collapse. It ain’t safe. It ain’t safe. So please be sure to keep your deck strong.

Your patio deck should be able to hold up all the weight that stand on it. Of course, it can’t hold up all the weight in the world, but it could try! Your deck should be able to hold a high capacity of people and still be safe. You don’t see decks crashing that are properly set up, so get on it.

Deck the Patio

Now that you know everything there is to know about building a patio…just kidding, but you do know the basics. I’m glad to have shared with you my elementary knowledge about construction. But seriously, you do need to keep these things in mind when building a patio deck.

We want you to have a good time on your deck without collapsing into the soil with mud in your face. Some people might actually do that, but hey don’t look at me. I don’t know anything about it. Y’all go on and build that patio. I’ll be here to write about your disasters and successes. Happy decking! Painting

What are some of your construction mishaps? Comment below.






  • Stacie

    I opened this site thinking I was going to get a preview of some patio furniture, something I have been shoping for, but that is not what I found.

    Unfortunately I am not trying to construct a patio just decorate it. 

    This article left me with a vague feeling. There was no real tips on constructing the deck either, just vague advice on planning to build a deck. 

    I am curious to see what direction this site takes, will we learn to build a deck?, or will we be able to buy deck decor?, Or both? 

    • Angelina Talley

      Thank you for reading, Stacie. I did something different with this article but you can view a bunch of patio furniture and creative tips in my other articles.

  • Melo Ann

    Hi Angelina! Thanks for this humorous post. I think this can be applied to so many things in life. I actually see the steps you laid out as similar to building a profitable website. You have to figure out your niche, build good content, make a smooth ride for folks to enjoy the site, and regular enough content to establish yourself as an authority. After reading all the things to be considered DIY style, if I ever got a deck built I would hire someone. 🙂

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