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Black Mountain Patio – A Town of Inspiration

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While visiting Black Mountain, North Carolina, I was stunned. It is a beautiful place. I mean gorgeous. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been here sooner out of all the places I had been. This town has some really amazing things. I want a Black Mountain patio.

I was strolling through the town and I had seen some very beautiful homes. These people had a gorgeous patio decorated in the most elegant array. It gave me inspiration to go out and resemble this place in my own patio. It’s time for a switch to a Black Mountain patio. Black Mountain

Cool Colors for the Yule

Of course, in this side of town it is usually cold. Especially in winter it seems like it is Christmastime all year round. The snow and the chill in the air just never seems to stop. It is absolutely crazy. The colors are super cool though. That’s what our patio needs.

Cool colors are great when resembling a mountain. You want to add white for the most part. It helps to have a rustic look (which we’ll get to later) and have white, blue, and maybe even a touch of black on your patio. You’ll be resembling Black Mountain in no time.

Window for Show

Get some bay windows. You definitely want to have some large windows to look out at especially when it snows. This way you get to see every inch of the sky and the fields. You’ll get to see the skiers out there having a blast and getting snow in their eyes.

Bay windows are excellent to have. If you are a stickler for privacy, you may want to invest in some large curtains or blinds. This will help to keep your windows clear of any peepers and you’ll feel safe and comfortable in your home. You’ll love it.

Fret the Carpets

You definitely want to get some carpet or rugs hat resemble snow. I have these cute little white rugs. They are very fluffy but also very cute. Everybody loves them and they say it resembles snow. They may get dirty fast because of the color but just wash them.

Get any type of carpet or rug. Anything you want. You don’t even need to get carpets or rugs or anything if you are just not into that kind of thing. It’s okay. Your patio won’t suffer. You’ll still have a gorgeous Black Mountain patio and everyone is going to want to be you. Mountain

Rustic and Brick

I had visited the Greybeard Trail and had the time of my life. That thing is absolutely gorgeous. I saw all the cool rocks that seemed to change colors at times and the lumber on the trees had me thinking of that cool rustic look that goes so great on log cabins.

So why not make your patio look a little rustic. Of course, you do not need to tear down your patio and completely destroy it trying to add some brick and a more rustic look to your patio. That wouldn’t be nice. Just add some logs in the corner for decoration. It’s even better if you have a fireplace.

It’s Mountain Time

Now you want to get a mountain patio. You want to have all of that gorgeous Black Mountain stuff rocking around in your patio too? I don’t blame you. That’s what I said when I saw that gorgeous place in North Carolina. I had to get home and make my patio.

With these cool tips, you can make your patio too. It really is something to be admired. If you can get your patio to look like this, your neighbors are going to be so jealous and your home is going to turn into a great tourist attraction. That’s crazy. Happy Mountaining! Greybeard Trail

Would you rather live on the beach or the mountains? Comment below.

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