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Back to School Patio – Take the Neighbors to School

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It’s finally time for the kids to get back to school. If you are going to wait with your kid at the bus stop, you’ve got to take your rollers out! The kids on the bus see everything, including your patio! Why not put on a show? Make a back to school patio for everyone to enjoy.

Of course the kids may not want to be reminded of going back to school, but we can’t really do much to solve that problem, right? Having a back to school patio is a unique theme. You are most likely going to be the only one within hundreds of miles to have this theme. School

Colorful and Whimsical

What do kids like? Kids like color. Kids also love things that are magical and whimsical. When doing a back to school theme for your patio, make sure you use a lot of color. Lots of Disney characters or cartoon characters is a great idea to make this theme even better.

We want to make a patio that is very appealing to children. Kids should look at your patio and want to come right over. Parents should look at your patio and want to bring their kids over right away. It’s a kids paradise. Everyone will love it. The adults may even love it more than the kids.

Educational Quotes Help the Most

Quotes are not only inspirational, but they are decoration. People can look at your walls and see something that will inspire their children. Parents should feel completely comfortable to have their kids at your house. It’s all about being educational and motivational as the kids get back to school.

Maybe children say they don’t like to read so the bullies won’t call them nerds, but we all know they secretly love to read sometimes. So hang up a quote with bright colors and big letters. It’s important to make these quotes easy for the kids to read, or they will block it out.

Crayons on your Lawn

All kids love to color. They absolutely adore having a crayon in their hands. Why not go all out? Get giant crayon decorations and put them on and around your entire patio space. Kids would love that. Your kid will be super popular because of the cool house they live in.

Crayons will add a colorful flare to your patio. Make sure they’re different colors. It’s great to mix up the colors so that each person’s eyes catch multiple colors which adds excitement to the whole look. We don’t want your patio to look boring. People will run away. School

A Bash and a Stash of Kids

Your turn to babysit? Have a back to school bash on your patio. Let the kids come sit out their and play. You can always have some toys and some games that will keep them busy. Also, have some fun music for them to dance to as they have the time of their life.

Spending time with each other and hanging out on your patio might just excite them about going back to school. Keep your patio as kid-friendly and fun as possible and I’m sure they will be glad to go back to school. They can’t wait to go back to school after being on your patio.

Back in Style

Let the kids get back to school in style. They are going to hop on that bus and be the top dog. Everybody sees your house as they stroll down the street. You can not be missed if you have toms of colors laid out on your lawn. They will behold their eyes.

Decorate your patio as you see fit. It’s back to school not back to stress. Decorating your patio shouldn’t be hard at all. It’s really just a breeze. Let the inner kid in you fly free. Put on a crazy show for all the kids on the bus to see. This is going to be a fun one. Happy back to schooling! Bus

How do you motivate your kids for school? Comment below.





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